Nowadays, companies become more conscious of the welfare of their employees. One factor which can contribute to the success of an institution is to make sure that the employees are comfortable at their workstations. Thus, the breakthrough on ergonomic chairs was welcomed by both the employers and the employees. To better understand on how to tell if a desk chair is ergonomic, some basic information regarding it is provided.

How to tell if a desk chair is ergonomic? A desk chair is ergonomic if it can maintain or support the good posture of a person who is working long hours sitting. This kind of chair also gives support to the back, arms, and buttocks. The ergonomic desk chair is also designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort when sitting for a long period. Furthermore, it also aids in minimizing or eliminating health problems of workers and at the same time ensures their safety. Hence maximizes productivity in the workplace.

In addition to these descriptions, the following are the basic features of an ergonomic desk chair:

1. It has an adjustable seat which could be adjusted to the appropriate height suitable to any user.

2. It has a lower back support that aids in retaining good posture.

3. It has arm rests that are necessary to keep a relaxed position.

4. It has a seat cushion that can support a person’s weight without experiencing pain during long hours of sitting.

5. It has a seat pan (the surface where a person sits) with round edges in the front so that blood circulation to the legs will not be affected.

6. The material used for the chair is made of permeable and ventilated material so that the person sitting on it will not feel unpleasantly warm.

In summary, having knowledge on the features of an ergonomic desk chair, is the key on how to tell if a desk chair is ergonomic. It is also important that the buyer knows the descriptions of this kind of chair in order to differentiate it from an ordinary desk chair. However, it is also important to note, that there a lot of types of this desk chair. Thus, one basic consideration in choosing the right ergonomic desk chair is that the user should be comfortable. Lastly, investing on this kind of chair would not only benefit the employees but also the company.

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