Bullying is a very serious problem that adversely affecting the lives of many children. Students and youngsters not only face Bullying in School, but they can also be bullied in the neighborhood or other surroundings when their parents are not around. It is very important that your kid knows what bullying is, and how to stand up against it or get help when needed.

1.Begin a conversation with your child

First and foremost, talk to your child about bullying. If your kid doesn’t understand what bullying means, s/he will not be able to identify quickly if s/he or someone else is going through bullying in school or anywhere else. To put it simply, bullying refers to one or more individuals repeatedly hurting someone or making someone feel afraid or upset, intentionally. Make sure your child fully understands how problematic bullying is, and learns to identify such behavior if s/he notices it in his/her surroundings. Ensure that your child knows what kind of behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.

2.Teach your child to be calm and confident

Once you have made your kid aware of bullying, it's time to teach him/her to act in the face of bullying. Bullying is terrible and must be avoided at all costs. Teach your kid to be respectful towards others and avoid problems. But if bullying does happen, the best way is to be calm and confident about it and mitigate it. The safest thing a kid can do when confronted with bullying can often be to just walk away from the situation altogether, instead of encouraging the bully.

3.Be a friend to your child

Stay involved in your kid’s life and have a friendly relationship with them, so that if your kid facesbullying in school, he/she doesn’t hesitate to tell you what is happening. Make sure you listen to your child when he/she speaks about these things and take action if necessary.

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Bullying is a very serious problem that adversely affecting the lives of many children.