How to teach your baby to read (1st part)

According to Glenn Doman with his method based on the intelligence bits that we discussed in another post, young children can learn to read words and phrases in the same way they learn oral language. Both visual and auditory pathways are analyzed by the brain.

The method is also based on the intelligence bits, but unlike the previous system where the baby recognized images presented in these bits, now we will present texts, which will also recognize. The essence of the mechanism is the same, only certain parts of the process change.

What materials do I need to teach him to read?

You will need several elongated white cards cut in 4 x 24 inches or 10 x 60 centimeters and a thick red marker preferably, children draw attention to bright colors. On these cardboard strips write the words you want to teach. The letters must be 3 inches or 7.5 centimeters high and lowercase, since it is more common to see them in books and texts. The letters should be thick and concise. Leave enough margin to the left and right of the word to be able to hold it without covering any letter. All these measures are approximate, the important thing is to capture the essence of what is intended, that babies can associate that set of letters with a meaning that they understand.

Prepare between one hundred and two hundred words to have new material. You always have to have new material. The worst enemy of this system is that the child gets bored because he already knows the material, you must always have it in tension with new cards. If you do not have new material, do not continue teaching with the above.

How do I teach him, what steps should I follow?

At the beginning start with fifteen words, whether it is a baby, or if you are already four or five years old. Teach him words that he understands, that have a very close meaning for him, for example, dad, mom, ball. You do not have to repeat the words, just show them the cards for a maximum of one second. So three times a day, separating easily one session from another. In each day add five new words, to the fifteen previous ones, until having twenty-five in total. Thus every day will teach twenty-five words.

To the child we can begin to teach him words related to his body: arm, hand, finger, nose, leg, etc. The child is first fixed on his body.

When you have been teaching the words for five days, we can begin to eliminate five words each day and replace them with others, so that each day you see five new words and you will discard as many words.

Then you can teach him words related to home, animals, toys.

Did not we teach you the alphabet first?

When the child knows how to read words we can teach him the alphabet, so that he understands that the letters are the smallest units, like the bricks to build a house. For children, babies are easier to read words than letters

Teach words and prayers

When the child has acquired simple vocabulary with these single words, they can be forming pairs of words or more. A first combination that can be made is integrating the colors with the words previously learned. For example: red ball, blue car, green cap, etc. Then these complementary words can be the size: big car, small cap, thin child. Then the lighting (dark, luminous), appearance (ugly, beautiful), touch (rough, fine).

In the second part we will teach you how to teach you sentences, phrases, even books.

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Lisa Ray is a mother of two beautiful daughter kim and sarah

Now Lisa coaches to parents to Teach their Child How To Read Books at an early stage.