Few parents in the world are aware of the fact that the best time to learn for a child is between 0-5 years.
You can actually teach your baby to read, and both parents and baby will have fun with this.
The American Psychologist and Brain researcher Dr. Glenn Doman has proved this in his work and in his books.
He says:

“There are 7 points to remember before you teach your baby to read:
1. A child under 5 can easily absorb a lot of information (more than you can imagine).
If the child is under 4, it easier and more efficient.
If it is under 3, it is even easier.
And under 2 is the age when it is most easy and efficient.

2. A child under 5 can absorb information remarkably fast.

3. The more information a child absorbs before the age of 5, the more he will remember.

4. A child under 5 is full of energy.

5. A child under 5 has a huge desire to learn.

6. A child under 5 CAN learn and WILL learn to read

7. A child under 5 learns a whole language, and they can learn as many as they choose. A child can learn to read one language or more as easily as they learn their native language.”

It is entirely up to the parents. The more the parents are able to play the reading/learning game, the more the child will understand, absorb and learn. Because playing will be fun – and learning will be fun.
It is about patience.
It is about joy.
It is about repetition.
And lots of encouragement and praise. Never rectify !

Or son Leopold could read, understand and tell the whole alphabet when he was 12 months old.
When he was 3 he demanded school, and in Norway they start at 6.
So we decided to have home school for him – and started to teach him 1 grade material.
He loves maths, reading, writing and even a second language.
And now we teach him 2 nd grade (7 years), and he loves it. And he turned 4 in September…
When he was 3 he started to write letters, and since then he has written over 80 letters.
He has pen pals all over the world. And he loves to receive postcards in return.

We practice Glenn Doman`s methods, and we see the joy in Leopold, the joy in learning.
We have unschooling for our children. This means that we follow the children`s wish regarding what, how and when to study – we have no limitations regarding.
Children are naturally curious and want to learn –if we treat them with respect and on equal terms.
Our experience is that this also is connected with a conscious lifestyle, nutrition and quality time with the child – a HOLISTIC lifestyle.
We have chosen to be home with our children – and therefore we have started a home business.
If you want to know more about our results with Leopold – please visit our blog www.enlightenedchildren.com

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are the Founders of the fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook.
They are regular contributors on VividLife.me , Canada - with more than 100.000 members.
Moreover they write articles for several alternative magazines in Norway.
They live a holistic life style on their organic farm in the mountains, with home school for their children.
The children are their passion - and their vision is to improve the conditions for the children in the world.

" We LOVE to help people improve their lives - and to help families to live in harmony, LOVE and health.
The best thing ever is to help others to the life they dream about.
The children are the greatest treasures on earth - and it is our purpose to help parents become more conscious and support their children to bring forth their highest potential.
Life is a joy - and not a struggle...
Our experiences in our own life have shown us that conscious parenting works. We are here to serve in a truthful and humble way."--Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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