One of the biggest differences between adults and children is long-term planning. While adults have to think ahead, children tend to live more in the moment. This can be admirable in many respects, but children have to eventually learn about how to think ahead. The best way to do so is not through dull lectures but through clear examples.

Give Them Chores

Kids can’t be expected to understand responsibility in vague terms. In order to drive the point home, you need to give them ways to exercise their responsibilities. Age-appropriate chores are the way to go. Give them a task, either daily or weekly that they can complete. Make it clear when and how it needs to be accomplished. This will teach your kids to hold themselves accountable.

Teach Them About Savings

Financial responsibility is one of the most important things to learn. Unfortunately, too many people reach adulthood with no sense of how to handle their dollars and cents. Kids with money tend to be ready to spend it right away. You need to have them think about their money. Ask them to consider each purchase before spending. This will help them realize just how valuable money is.

Have a Place for Everything

Your kids will have trouble staying organized if everything is scattered around and generally disheveled. A clean room not only looks better, it also makes things easier for everyone. You can find ways to make staying organized easier and fun. Using stackable plastic storage containers can be a great way to consolidate items like toys. Work together to keep everything in proper working order.

Let Them Make Mistakes

You can’t expect your kids to learn anything important about responsibility if you’re always telling them what to do. You should definitely help them in the beginning, but the training wheels have to eventually come off. When they do, they’re bound to make mistakes. Don’t try to stop them before they do, unless it’s something that could put them or others in danger. Instead, let them falter and discuss it after they realize their mistake. Hopefully, they won’t repeat it.

Your kids might not understand the point of being organized and responsible. To them, it might just seem like something that’s wasting both of your valuable time. However, you can show them the benefits through patience and repetition. Over time, they will be glad you taught them when you did.

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