How To Teach Guitar More Effectively By Spending Less Time Creating Teaching Materials

By Tom Hess

Teaching guitar becomes easier and less stressful when you avoid spending extra (unpaid) time creating lesson materials for your students.

These are 3 key ways to do it:

1. Don’t Constantly Teach New Stuff To Your Guitar Students

Your guitar students become frustrated and overwhelmed when you teach them new things constantly. This causes them to become disinterested in lessons and quit before they ever achieve anything significant.

A much more effective approach that helps them get results is showing them how to master the skills you’ve already shown them and combine these skills together. This doesn't take much preparation for you and also helps your students improve at a much faster rate.

Note: That said, new material does need to be taught to your students... just don't do it every lesson. Also, some of your students learn things at a different pace than others. Pay close attention to your students’ specific learning styles to understand how to help give them the right balance between learning new things and integrating older ideas together.

2. Anything That Needs To Be Written Out Is Done In Your Students’ Lesson Time

Writing out lessons, scales, tabs, riffs, etc. takes more time than you think. Don't use your own time to do these things, because it adds up fast. Maintain control of your own time, and use it to improve your guitar teaching business or pursue whichever projects you are working on. Have your students write down these things while giving them their lesson (when appropriate). Writing them down by hand helps your students retain the information better than they would if you did it for them.

3. Save Previous Lesson Materials

Don't throw away old materials you used with your students. Reuse them when it is appropriate to help students reach their goals and overcome specific musical challenges. For instance: use materials such as scale patterns, chord charts, song tabs, exercises etc.

This prevents you from re-doing tons of manual work while helping you focus on helping your students master the material and correct problems in their playing.

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