How To Talk To Ex Girlfriend After Long Time: My Ex Won't Talk To Me And I Want Her Back

Talking to your girlfriend after your break up can be quite unnerving. But if you know what to do then the task becomes easy and you can be a smooth operator. Here is what you need to do when you want to talk to your ex girlfriend.

Don't be hostile
Being angry or hostile is not going to help you in any way. If you feel that by giving your ex a piece of your mind will make you look like the stronger person then you are wrong. Being hostile just makes you seem bitter, jealous and petty.

Don't push her
Don't push her to talk to you soon after a break up. Take a little bit of time so that she can cool off and be able to talk to you. Making a move too soon will only result in her rejection so give her some time alone for your sake. And in this time do not make any attempt to even be seen by her.

Resolve your issues
Take some time out for yourself and resolve the conflict and hurt that you are feeling inside. If you harbor the dreams of getting back with your ex you need to know why you did things that you did and what you need to change. You also have to let go of your anger before you talk to your ex as if you go with unresolved issues, all might seem great initially but soon the differences and anger will begin to show.

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Start by saying hello
After some time has passed you will need to make the first move. So, start by working on your body language and making it more confident. Once you have your confidence in place then the next time you see her look into her eyes and smile and say hello.

Don't use any cocky lines
Not saying anything is much better than using some cheesy or corny introductory line. Remember that you are not trying to pick her up. She was you girlfriend and you are trying to be friends again. So a bit of humility is what is going to come in handy.

Keep the conversation generic
Try to keep the conversation generic in the beginning. Don't pry into her relationship status. Talk about how things have been so that she doesn't get uncomfortable with you.

Sign off
Don't talk to her for a long time. Keep the conversation short and impersonal yet warm/. Tell her you'll call her sometime and that you should hang out sometime. That should do the trick for you.

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How can I get my girlfriend back? You want to know what works in the shortest time frame possible. You don't want to make a lot of mistakes along the way. Repairing a relationship is much like traveling to an unknown place. There are ultimately many ways to get to the same destination, but some routes take a direct path while others take the more scenic route. And some routes are much more bumpy than others.

If you want to get your girlfriend back via the most direct path possible, then you must always start by identifying what went wrong and dedicate yourself to fixing it.

If you don't want to change anything about yourself or the relationship, then your attempts to reconnect will be futile. Maybe she didn't feel appreciated. Maybe you didn't feel admired. Maybe there was infidelity. Maybe you just couldn't see eye to eye on a lot of issues. Regardless, there's a reason the two of you broke up. To get your girlfriend back, you must identify that reason and do what you can to make sure it doesn't happen again down the road.

Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it is hard. However, failure to do so will only lead to another heartbreak and more pain, depression, and anxiety in the future. Problems that are simply swept under the rug and not actually remedied will always rear their ugly heads again in the future.

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Never place blame on yourself or your girlfriend. Even if you know you did something wrong, tearing yourself apart over it won't help you win her back. Chances are both parties could have done more to make the relationship work. Let the past be the past since you can't change it and focus on what you can improve.

What if you've already been texting, calling, and emailing her a lot? Can you still get her back or is it too late? The best thing to do is to give her space and privacy, but if you've been contacting her a lot, you should pull back and give her some time away from you to prevent pushing her further away.

Don't stress if you've already made the mistake of contacting her too much. If you've made this mistake, you can still get your girlfriend back but you need to think about what's best for her right now and not what's best for you. She needs space even though you'd love to be by her side spending time with her and talking to her every day.

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So She's Dating Someone Else

Don't worry about this. Chances are, this is a rebound relationship and those never last. She misses you and probably jumped at the first guy who showed her interest. Perhaps she is even trying to make you jealous. To improve your chances of getting your girlfriend back, let her go.

Move On

The last thing you want to do is beg her, this will ruin your chances of getting your girlfriend back. She will appreciate that you are man enough, and that your respect her enough, to give her the time she needs. Take yourself out of the picture and allow her to regroup. Take this time to figure out what you can do differently to make her want you back.

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Change Yourself for the Better

There were things in the relationship that went wrong and you have to figure out how to change these things so that the problems don't just return after getting your girlfriend back. Take this time to work on yourself to make yourself a better partner.

Get Back Out There

Life isn't over. You miss your girlfriend and want her back, but you have to move on for now. Discover a new hobby or get back into an old one. She will appreciate that you are giving her space and, over time, will likely want to know how you've changed.

You want to work on getting your girlfriend back and now you have the tools to make it happen. Don't beg. Give her time and space to allow her to get over the hurt. Take this time to cultivate new hobbies and interests and leave her wondering about what you've been up to. Show her you are fine without her, and she may come around wondering what is going on with you. This is your chance!

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If it was your girlfriend who spurned you for another or criticized your ways, then there is no harm in trying to make her jealous. But if it is you who has left her then making her jealous seems out of place. However, you could try these powerful ways to make her jealous.

Space is needed

Space is what you both need to be able to cope with the break up. Break ups are meant to stay away and not go knocking at her door the next day. Maintain your distance. You both will then have time to think over the folly of breaking up.

Build contact with others

Build contact with other girls, flirt and take them out too. When your ex girlfriend sees that she knows these girls and realizes that they're no where near what she is like, it will make her even more jealous that you can think of dating them.

Get on with life

Build a partnership with some girl for a game that you and your ex used to play earlier. This is going to highly anger your ex girlfriend into becoming jealous and may even leave her taking the initiative to confront you with anger and envy.

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Living without your ex

When your ex sees that you can live without her and do all the interesting things that you are indulging in these days, it will make her highly jealous. Show your ex that you have no time to regret or mop just because you broke up.

More confidence

Show more confidence and self assurance in what you do. Show the strong and determined self that you are and are moving ahead professionally and otherwise also. Show your courage doing all those things that you earlier held yourself back from.

A different person

Show your ex girlfriend that you are a different person from what you used to be. You want to find ways to make her jealous, so here goes. Come out of your lazy shell and show how active and busy you can get doing the things you once shunned.

Frequent common places

It would be a great thing to go to the places where your ex visits so that you have every chance of bumping into her. She will try to renew contact but you have to hold back and tell her to call you later as you are in a hurry to meet someone. That will keep her guessing and jealous that you have no time for her now.

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