Who on earth has not seen anyone doing hair styling yet in today's era of fashion? Each and every one of us has either done hair styling of any sort or at least has seen it. Hairstyling is has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Everybody has got their preference in hair styling. However, it also depends on other factors as well. One of the most important factors is the hair type. Many styles depend on the type of hair, each one of us possesses. Some of the significant kinds of hair types are smooth and silky hair, curly hair and rough hair.

There are several hair salons present throughout the community who offer different types of hairstyles and designs. Almost all of these offer styling on all kinds of hair. Yet, some of them specialise in some specific hair types. There are many specific ones. For example, Curly Hair Salon, and many more for other particular types.

Take proper care of your hair

Despite all the facts stated above, one must take the utmost care of his or her hair to ensure appropriate styling, regardless of their hair type. Each and every person on the planet must follow certain steps to ensure that their hair remains in good condition.

1. Shampooing your hair on a regular basis

Shampooing your hair is the most important thing. One must apply shampoo to his/her hair on a regular basis. Here, regular basis does not necessarily mean to use shampoo each and every day. Buy on certain set regular intervals.

However, it may also be avoided depending on the type of styling that one has chosen. This is because for designs such as curls stay for longer when shampoo is skipped more often. The reason behind this is that the cleansing agents such as shampoos and soaps of different brands and flavours can be drying and may also result in the hair to turn out to be frizzy.

2. Using conditioner

Now many people may think that then what to do to maintain clean hair? Is there any other alternative process available than to only shampoo one’s hair? Yes, obviously there are alternative methods. These methods also do their part quite efficiently.

The best alternative method of taking care of the hair is to apply conditioner as the somewhat work to condition hair, preventing the hair from turning extremely rough. The process of application is also quite simple.

On the very first day, it is advised to wash hair using shampoo and then apply conditioner to it. On the subsequent days, one can simply wet their hairs thoroughly and apply conditioner to it. This will do the job very well. This method is very much effective in preventing the hair roots from getting dry.

3. Combing is another step leading to stylish curly hair

One must always comb his or her hair from the bottom to the top. There is also a major reason behind this. If combing is started from the bottom, then there is an opportunity to gently detangle any knots that might have formed in the hair. This method turns out to be much more handy rather than any other process.

4. Usage of wide tooth comb rather than a brush

Many people still use a brush instead of combs to detangle hair knots. It is highly discouraged by hair experts to use brushes. Instead, they encourage the usage of a wide tooth comb. This is because curly hair is considered to be the most fragile. Wide tooth comb is the most gentle way to approach the issue of detangling curly hair.

5. Using the pineapple technique

The pineapple technique is a clever trick to achieve well-defined hair curls overnight.
This is a technique where the hair is loosely gathered at the top of the head. This is done usually before sleep. One can just take it out when ready to wear it down.

6. Application of coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioner for the hair. Coconut oil also serves as a daily detangler. Along with that, this also prevents and protects our hair from dandruff as well as the harmful rays of the sun. Most importantly, this is a natural product and is also available in the local grocery stores.

7. Regularly trimming the hair

One of the major concern of hair specialists nowadays is to prevent split ends. Split ends are never a good look. Rather they damage the entire styling of the hair. It is needless to mention that they can turn your hair too frizzy. For maintaining healthy, fresh and bouncy curls a quick trim after every six months is necessary.

7. Applying conditioner while combing

Many people tend to comb hair after completely drying it after the shower. Instead of doing that, one can apply the conditioner and comb it throughout his or her hair while the shower is not over yet. This is because, if one combs his hair after a shower, then it damages the hair and curls causing frizziness in the hair.

8. Not to completely wash away all the conditioner

It is not wise to rinse out all of the conditioners during hair wash. Rather one should leave some traces of the conditioner behind. This is because the curly ends can then get all the moisture they need from the conditioner residues.

Other factors to consider

There are other factors to consider rather than that of only taking care of the hair. They are as follows.
One must have a fixed hair stylist who has a lot of experience in hair curling. This is because someone with experience will definitely give out better output than the others. In addition to that, if a person regularly goes to the same hair stylist, then there would be better maintenance of the hair. The reason behind this is that the hair specialist will then know about the hair types and many other factors very well.


To conclude, I would like to say that the points mentioned above in the article are a complete solution and guideline to style curly hair. These are the key steps in achieving stylish curly hair.

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