What someone could find is that when they look back on their day or their week, there are a number of things that they wished they had done. They could spend hours wondering why they didn’t do something and beat themselves up in the process.

The months are then going to go by and one is not only going to punish themselves for what they haven’t done and to feel bad, they are also going to miss out on a lot of things. For their life to change, they will need to do something about what is going on.

An Important Question

One thing that they can do, to make themselves do something, is to ask themselves how they will feel that evening or the day after if they don’t do something. So one will have the need to do something and, in this moment, they can focus on how they will probably feel if they let this moment pass them by.

During this time, one will be getting in touch with all the pain that they have experienced before when they haven’t seized the moment and taken action. If they can really connect to this pain, they are unlikely to feel very good.

A Powerful Force

One is not facing this pain just because they want to feel bad; they are facing it so that they can see that as fearful/nervous as they might feel at this moment in time, they will feel a lot worse if they don’t take action. How they feel right now will pass, but if they don’t go for it, they will have a critical voice and a lot of emotional pain to sit with.

If they do connect with this pain, they may find that they are actually able to take action. The pain of having to face up to another thing that they regret not doing could just be too much for them to handle.

Another Element

What one can also think about during this time is that no matter how emotionally charged and real their experience is, it won’t be long until what they are going through will just be another memory. Therefore, regardless of what takes place, it will most likely be something that will soon fade away.

To really understand this, they could think about the other moments in their life where they felt uncomfortable that are just memories now. At the time, these moments would have been all encompassing but now, they could just seem like experiences that hardly had an impact on them.

Final Thoughts

What this illustrates is how important the mind is when it comes to taking action. By asking the right questions and reflecting on how painful it will be not to do something, one can get themselves moving and make taking action a habit.

One could start on the things that make them feel uncomfortable but not too uncomfortable. Starting small can allow them to see that getting uncomfortable is not going to end their life and make it easier for them to face things that make them feel really uncomfortable.

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