Anyone who has never traveled for a long time cannot understand the concept of travel burnout, forget to empathize with anyone who has suffered this condition. The RV trip often sounds thrilling, but it becomes extremely tiring after a few years or even months for someone people. It might seem absurd to you, but the phenomenon is real. You might plan to go for long-term travel, which is not really a vacation, and think that you will never experience travel burnout. You are wrong! You need to prepare for the worst case scenario while preparing for the best.

Travel burnout- what is it?

When you love something and do it for a long, long time until you get tired of it, you want to take a break from it. Whether you live a regular life or have an exciting existence of a wanderer, you need a break from it. No matter how much you love pizza, doing yoga, playing soccer; you essentially need a break from the routine. You cannot keep eating pizza three times a day for a year. The same is the case with travel; most people can travel only to respite, not to live on the roads forever. Even if you love traveling throughout your life, nothing in the world can stop you from reaching a point when you feel like pausing your life for a while and just relax.

Symptoms of travel burnout

For anyone who has never experienced travel burnout, the most common sign is diminishing excitement for new places, people, and things. Basically, when reaching a new destination and exploring it sounds like just another chore to you, you need to understand that travel burnout is approaching you. Second, you become too moody to do anything that comes to your mind. Nothing seems to be much of fun, and you feel like not doing anything at all. Third, unlike the earlier days, you tend to stay in bed for a longer time, and just focus on your work while staying in the hostel. Fourth, the night parties do not appeal you and drinking is not much fun anymore. On the other hand, you like to spend your nights reading a book or just watching TV in the hostel. Fifth, the reason to stay longer in one city is that you do not want to deal with the public transport rather than exploring the city. Lastly, you tend to miss your hometown, call home three times a week, cook and eat your family foods, and love anything that takes you back home.

What to do

The first step to curing travel burnout is to notice the symptoms and accept that you are tired of traveling, without feeling guilty, of course. Do not blame yourself for not respecting a lifestyle that millions of people crave to have. It is entirely okay to feel the exhaustion when all you were expecting was a thrilling journey for many years to come. The next step is to think of things that make you feel comfortable and happy. You can read a book, sleep for 2-3 days waking up intermittently, call a friend back home, talk to your family, go for a run, get a Luxury Car Hire, eat anything that pleases your taste buds, book a fancy hotel room, rest at a beach, or eat a huge McDonald’s burger or a Dominos pizza. Without overthinking or feeling guilty about anything, just do what makes you feel good. It may take a few hours, days, or weeks to come out of travel burnout, but you will, for sure.

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