Bringing the baby home can be an incredibly tiring and daunting experience for you, especially if you're a first-time mom. Frequent feedings, sleep deprivation, sheer physical and mental exhaustion – there are many things you have to go through during the first few crazy days of life. To help you survive the early weeks with your newborn baby efficiently and effectively, here are some easy tips.

#Put Housework Aside

Don't worry about keeping the house in perfect order! Instead, try to focus as much as you can on yourself and your baby. After all, you have the rest of your life to do household chores. There is no better excuse than having a baby to let all the housework go. All those household chores can wait, but your baby can't. So better to forget about housework for a few upcoming days.

#Sleep Whenever You Can

This is probably the most crucial piece of advice! Sleep whenever you get the chance to sleep, mostly when your baby sleeps. This way, you'll be able to stay alert while caring for your newborn baby. If possible, try to get some extra naps during the day so you could manage sleepless nights more effectively. When sleeping at night, be sure to wear a cotton feeding nighty with zippers for a smooth breastfeeding experience.

#Breastfeed Often

If you've decided to breastfeed, do it as often as possible to prevent breast engorgement. There's nothing more annoying than having engorged breasts, making it difficult for the baby to latch on, and sometimes even leads to clogged ducts and infections. While breastfeeding, make sure to use a comfy nursing pillow to support your baby and your arms.

#Accept Help When Offered

When someone asks if there's anything they can do for you, say yes. Don't be afraid to accept the help you need when the baby is home. Let your trusted relatives or friends handle all the household chores and enjoy that much-needed sleep. If you have other children, ask your partner to take them out for a few hours so you could spend some quality time with your new baby.

#Learn How to Swaddle the Baby

Babies love swaddling because it makes them feel warm, secure, and comfortable. Make sure to swaddle your newborn during the first few weeks of life (and after that too). Invest in a few soft and comfy baby blankets and quilts and master the swaddling technique well. Keep in mind, swaddling proves quite useful when it comes to soothing a newborn baby!

#Keep Visitors to a Minimum

Keep visitors at bay for at least the first two weeks! As hosting many visitors can make you feel more stressed and exhausting than expected, ask your partner to politely tell people you're not ready to meet them this week. However, allow your close relatives and friends to see you whenever you're free.

#Get Outside If You Want To

Your doctor may suggest avoiding taking a walk outside for up to six weeks, but that doesn't mean you need to stay home 24x7. If the weather is nice, you can go for a walk outside with your little one. The fresh air and open space outside will refresh your mood as well as boost your energy level. If you're a breastfeeding mom, don't forget to carry an opaque nursing cover to breastfeed your little one outside the home confidently.

#Take Care of Yourself

Finally, take good care of yourself to make sure you won't get too tired, run-down, or dehydrated while taking care of your little one. Focus on eating nutritious food and drink plenty of water to keep your milk supply bountiful. Remember, the more calories you consume, the better-quality milk your body will produce. Also, spend as much time as you can with your infant!

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