When it is a car journey that extends to more than ten hours, it does become painful even if the sights are gorgeous. You might go crazy after a few hours being aware that more than half of the journey is still pending. However, the only soothing fact on such road trips is that a gorgeous destination is waiting for you. To make the journey survivable, you should keep the following tips in mind:

Set the driving limit

People have different capabilities to sit at a stretch in the car. When the body begins aching, you will want to stretch your legs or just stop traveling after a limit. It is better to decide the number of hours of which you will be driving. Ideally, you can drive for 8-12 hours, depending on your type of journey and destination. If you exhaust yourself too much, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation.

Take frequent stops

No one can sit in the car for more than 2-3 hours, and many people become fidgety after that. If someone in the car needs or wants to take more washroom breaks than you, you must honor their requests, especially if you are the driver. Never get angry on someone for asking for too many breaks, unless they ask for a stop every 30 minutes. If any of you wants to stop for a gorgeous sight on the roadside, there is no harm in spending a few minutes there. However, if you are aware of the other person’s habit of stopping too much, you must talk about it beforehand.

Never nag the other drivers

Every person has a different driving style and every driver is confident of their capabilities. If you like your driving style, so does the other person. Never poke the other person too much to point out faults in their driving. If someone is a really awful driver and you cannot drive for the entire trip yourself, it is better to hire a cab or go by train or flight. Self-Drive Cars are a good option when you don’t want to handover your car to a new friend in the group. You can hire a car that everyone can drive, but never give your unwanted advice to anyone, not even your spouse. If you still want to say something unpleasant to someone, be gentle with your words.

Listen to pleasant music

Honor everyone’s choice of music and bear with it for a while if you have to. Make a playlist, download the audio books, or listen to podcasts on your journey. The passengers, except the driver, can also watch a movie on the car speakers to spend a few hours. However, if you don’t like very high volume, let others know. If someone else doesn’t like your taste of music, don’t force it on anyone.


A road trip with a group of family members or friends is something that requires mutual cooperation. No one can survive a long road trip without working as a team. If you are traveling in a seven or eight-seater vehicle, for example, it is painful to sit on the last seats. However, you can take turns to sit on those seats so that no one complains.

Extended road trips can make people complain too much, which is why it is necessary to be patient for everyone. The idea behind a road trip is to make memories, not develop arguments. Just with a few tips in mind, you all can have an unforgettable road trip without any malice in hearts.

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