The attraction for entrepreneurship has continued to accelerate in recent years. In the same sector of activity, it is not uncommon for several hundred freelancers to exercise the same professional activity. Therefore, as a freelancer it has become essential to successfully stand out in order to gain clients and ensure the viability of your business on ACROTRAY.

In this area, several techniques have been tested and approved by many independent workers. But the techniques that made it possible to make a difference a few years ago are no longer necessarily valid today. You should therefore regularly update your freelance profile and keep yourself informed of the latest tools and materials to make yourself known . We take stock with you...

Take care of your profile and brand image

Being a graduate or justifying a know-how is not enough in the world of freelancing to ensure a profitable professional activity. Indeed, to stand out from other freelancers, it is above all necessary to have a professional profile and possibly a brand image that will capture the attention of potential clients.

For freelancers who start providing services, it will often be the professional profile of the freelancer that will make all the difference. Indeed, a client will choose a freelance rather than another based on 2 main criteria:

• The visibility of the freelancer on the web, which suggests his professionalism;

• the profile supplemented by rich professional experience which makes it possible to show the know-how of the freelance.

As a self-employed person , you will have little or no traditional job interviews as in the context of a salaried job. Therefore, the first impression of a potential customer will not be on a CV, but on your professional profile exposed on various websites such as LinkedIn, Freelance Republics, etc.

To have a professional profile that stands out from other freelancers , we recommend:

• Integrate a photo of yourself with a plain background, a pose that is neither too casual nor too formal and a slight smile to send the image of a professional person and attentive to his clients;

• Choose a brief description of the services you offer, taking care to include keywords that will promote your SEO on the web;

• To create a visual identity that is unique to you, with a color code and a typeface to be reused on all written materials presenting your activity.

If you are an entrepreneur who is starting to sell products, branding will also be a central element in your marketing strategy. To enhance your brand image, be sure to:

• Stay consistent with your professional activity by using vocabulary and illustrations that correspond to the expectations of your target customers;

• Choose a short and meaningful business name;

• Check that other competitors are not now using the trade name, logo or even the slogan that you want to use for your business.

Today, many software programs allow you to create original and customizable visuals at low cost or free of charge for freelancers who are starting out with little cash (e.g. Canva visual creation software).

Be present on the main linking sites

As a self-employed worker, you will not benefit from the already acquired clientele of a line manager and his sales team. Therefore, if you do not want to spend many hours canvassing clients, you must adopt a SEO strategy on the main sites connecting freelancers and clients.

The presence on the web like Firebolt 5e has now become essential for all self-employed workers. Indeed, in most cases potential customers will search for their service providers or their merchants directly online. For them, buying online is a simple solution that allows them to:

• Compare several offers in a few clicks;

• Order a product or service directly from home;

• To have access to customer reviews to consolidate or on the contrary curb their act of purchase.

You will understand, even if you do not want to open an online store, you must be present on these sites which provide visibility for freelancers . Having a profile on LinkedIn has therefore become essential. You can also register on customer connection platforms, such as our Freelance Republics platform.

Create a website showcasing your professional skills

A website remains a first-class showcase on the internet. By creating your website, you can freely choose:

• To publish the content you want;

• Imagine a design for your site in line with your brand image;

• To integrate an online store;

• To offer a newsletter;

• Etc.

Even if you do not wish to offer the online sale of services or products, you can publish content on your know-how, your achievements, news on your activity ... In addition, you will have a link to communicate to your potential customers as a business card.

To create a quality site, you can hire a website designer. This investment can quickly pay off. Thanks to a well-designed and well-referenced website, you will be able to make the difference against your freelance competitors.

Develop your professional network

Networking has always been presented as an essential element in winning and retaining customers. In the field of freelancing, this observation remains valid. While it was previously more difficult to build a professional network by increasing the number of business dinners and conferences, today many sites facilitate these contacts on [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] .

Even on LinkedIn, you can easily send a message to someone you want to communicate with. In addition, LinkedIn's algorithms will also offer you contacts with the same interests as you or with common connections.

Therefore, to succeed in networking on the internet, we advise you:

• Complete your profile in order to have suggested contacts that interest you;

• Share content to improve your visibility;

• To share your professional experiences in order to develop your network from the people for whom you have worked.

Do not hesitate to use other networking platforms , such as . Once your network grows, you will be able to see your sales increase without wasting your time canvassing your customers yourself. Word of mouth has never been easier with the proliferation of professional networks on the net.

Author's Bio: 

John Smith is a Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 8 years of experience in SEO, SEM, SMO, blogging, etc having wide knowledge base into content marketing.