In website content writing, proof reading is a completely different stage when compared to editing articles or article writing.
In website content writing, while editing, you are trying to make a clear arrangement of related content. While doing proof reading, you have to look for any minute mistakes, which are easy to overlook when you are writing but which can have create an awful impression on the mind of the reader.
The major problem during proof reading is that is almost impossible to find mistakes with your own content writing. Most of the time these are referred to as 'typos' or typing errors. Ideally, it is always preferable to get someone else to proof read your articles. However, in today’s fast paced world of website content writing, it is very difficult to get hold of someone who will actually have the time to proof read your content.
Trying to meet a deadline can be very pressing. However you must make it a habit to check your articles completely before releasing the same for posting.
Use spell check software
Spell check software helps you to get rid of any minute grammatical errors that you might overlook just because they are minute. In content writing, spell check software is an obvious thing that every content writing professional is aware of. However, this is also important when it comes to proof reading. Check and do some research about the software that you are buying or installing for your use. Results will vary and you will want to take the best spell check software available in the market.
Check for “typos” or typing errors
Typos or typing errors are very difficult to spot in content writing. Your eyes will only see what you want to write and not what you have actually typed while content writing. Thus, typos and missing words become very difficult to spot. You must hunt for these errors and rectify them as soon as you spot them. For this, you must have good concentration power.
Read it backwards
In website content writing, this is an important and useful step that will help you get rid of almost any error that you must have made while article writing. Read the article starting from right and going towards the left side. This helps you spot typos and all kinds of errors including punctuation errors.
Print it out
You'll definitely find mistakes on a printed sheet rather than when you are seeing your article on screen. In article writing, taking a print-out for proof reading is a seldom used process. However, those who practice this method will definitely tell you about the benefits of taking a print-out for proof reading.
Read your Article Slowly
In article writing, reading your article slowly will help to scrutinize every word carefully. Thus any grammatical or typing error can be spotted very easily. Even punctuation mistakes can be spotted very easily if you practice reading slowly.
In article writing, you just need to spend a few minutes to make your articles refined and free from any mistake. This will definitely help you in the long run. It will greatly improve the notion your content writing creates on your readers.

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