If you do not have any idea how to begin your music career, Soundcloud is your best way to start your music promotion. Soundcloud is an online platform where users can distribute songs in all genres. Because it is free to register, there is much competition with other musicians. To be able to make your music stand out, here are some tips you can use to promote it:

1. Put effort into setting up your profile.

You make your first impression on Soundcloud to other users, musicians, and managers through your profile, so it is very important to visually polish it. Aside from making good music, put a high-quality profile photo and banner. Make sure these images represent you and your music, and they should all have the appropriate size. You can also music promotion on your social media accounts and website. Thus, you can add your Soundcloud link to them. There are no strict rules in making your profile. You just need to make it unique.

2. Add songs to your profile.

Since Soundcloud is all about music, your music is what matters the most. Therefore, you have to upload and publish your songs the soonest so that you can begin your career in music. You have to produce good quality music because your music promotion efforts will be a waste if you produce music with poor quality. When you make good quality songs, more people will take notice and share them. Thus, good songs can be promoted effortlessly.

3. Make your songs free to download.

Free songs are famous on Soundcloud, so it is the key strategy for your music promotion. It is because you can increase your followers and gain more shares and likes from them. There are also applications that make following, liking, and reposting your songs easier. The people who download your songs can quickly follow you on other social media platforms. For software like Toneden, people can follow you and your playlist on Spotify.

4. Connect with music bloggers.

To further promote your songs, you should not limit it to sharing it with your followers. You should also try to connect with new and potential followers. What better way to do it than advertising it on music blogs. Bloggers look for new and interesting music so you can ask them to make a post about your songs on their sites. You have to make sure that the genre of your songs is in line with the kind of music the blog is promoting.

Therefore, you need to do your research and look for blogs, and send them a message through email. If possible, you can share stories or any interesting information about your music so that it will be easier for them to make a post about it. Not only will your music be marketed, but you will also establish a good relationship with people with the same interest as yours.

5. Try to make diverse content.

You can grow your number of followers by uploading various types of content. Although your main goal is to make and upload your original music, it will be better to start off with a remixed or cover song. In remixing or covering a song, you have to be careful in doing it and add your own touch to it. You can hone your music skills by uploading these kinds of songs and be more familiar with who your target audience is. As a result, you can improve your music promotion strategies.

6. Avoid uploading songs with copyright.

Before, many users uploaded mixtapes and remixes on Soundcloud. However, these have copyright issues, which is illegal to use without permission. Therefore, you should not upload content like this. A 3-strike policy is implemented on Soundcloud. If you are warned for the 3rd time, your account will automatically be deleted. On top of losing your account, your online reputation will be tarnished which will make promoting your music difficult. If you want to use other people’s works, make sure you obtain the license for it. You do not need to worry because it is not very expensive.

7. Update from time to time and take advantage of other social media platforms.

If you perform or have gigs, you can use an application called Gigatools. It can help you update your social media account about your shows or gigs. You can also keep your content organized and your followers updated. Because Soundcloud is a social media music platform, you should share your and other users’ tracks on other social networking sites. You will improve your reputation, and they will likely share your songs in return.


Promoting your music on Soundcloud is something that takes time to enhance. Therefore, you should not be disappointed because you will eventually get the hang of it. It will also be helpful to try and follow the tips given.

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