Ok, did I get your attention? What I mean is, have you ever considered that we might better succeed by NOT getting what we think we want? That sounds counter intuitive to all the counsel I give about thinking positively, dreaming our dreams and writing affirmations – ALL of which are hugely important. But, I believe there’s another lesson to be learned by all of us. And, it’s not just that Spirit works in mysterious ways (which is true). It’s that sometimes we don’t listen to our intuition, our inner knowing. We block it out because we think our minds know better, when in reality, Spirit has a much bigger idea for us. Like BIG. REALLY big. And we think too small to be able to see it.

Sometimes the things that DON’T work out for us turn out to be the most serendipitous things! – not just for our personal growth, but for our true life’s destiny. A perfect personal example is my divorce. Don’t get me wrong. It was horrible at the time. I described it as being vulnerable to the point of feeling as if I had no skin. I experienced an internal heart pain the likes of which I thought I’d never recover from. My world was shattered.

It took awhile, but eventually I picked up the shattered pieces, and put my puzzle back together in a way that fit me more authentically, more comfortably. A comfier pair of shoes. More me…less me being what everyone else wanted, stuffing my feet into shoes that were too small.

I’d thought the part of me I’d previously caught mere flickers of was a bad thing, until I was forced out of my security blanket and into the raw world of reality: finding myself again. Bare-footed.

Spirit knew. I’d been chicken. Those flickers were the me who was shining her light and wanting out in a big way. And she wanted some big girl shoes!

And what a gift I got!

I have reinvented myself in a way that makes me proud, in a way that makes my daughters proud. I have discovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed (well, I pretended I didn’t know existed) and rediscovered the stuff I had buried deep down inside. I now help other women rekindle, rediscover, and newly discover their wildly wonderful juicy way of living. I help them learn how to walk in their big girl shoes. Whether they prefer red high heels or combat boots, it doesn’t matter. It’s whatever makes HER happy.

And, I am truly happier than I have ever been in my life. No kidding. The shoes are fitting quite nicely, thank you.

What I realized is that reinvention is really just taking the parts of yourself that are shattered or confused, and putting them in a different order, doctoring some up, then adding some spices you’ve never tried, and marinating until finding the perfect blend of the Divine You. It’s a recipe for exciting explorations of opportunities. And it doesn’t hurt to be wearing shoes that fit YOU. It’s somewhat on its own agenda. This one, you have to watch for.

Changing is a scary proposition…our sense of security is the most important thing in the world to us – even above love. So, jumping – and assuming the net will appear – can be terrifying. But, if you surround yourself with the best support, advice and coaching you can find, trust your knowing, and keep putting one magnificent shoe in front of the other, you really may end up in a wildly successful, delicious place – one you’d never imagined.
Trust me.

And, trust the flickering part of you…and Trust Spirit…Then, keep your eyes open for the perfect pair of shoes that fit you just right.

Author's Bio: 

Teresa M. Goetz, CPC, MS, L.Ac. is a Life Coach who has spent her career helping women realize their potential at all stages of life. Her work has paralleled her own personal experiences, and includes specialized work at all women’s major life stages, including pregnancy, child birth, parenthood/ mothering, partnership/ marriage, divorce, and middle life.

Teresa gets satisfaction from watching women grow into who they truly are meant to be. She creates and holds a safe space for her clients so that they may turn personal crises, like divorce, into defining moments to transforms their lives. She helps women achieve clarity and confidence, and then breathe fresh air into their futures.

Teresa speaks and writes about women's issues and health, works with clients one-on-one and offers workshops for women.
Her background:

* certified life coach
* licensed acupuncturist for 11 years
* board certified in acupuncture and chinese herbology
* owner and director of two wellness centers, (one for pregnancy and one focused on women's health)
* certified hypnotist
* ardent student of holistic healing, working with a variety of shamans and yogis
* writer of personalized visualizations and meditations
* whole foods caterer
* women's group facilitator
* speaker on women's issues

-- mother, wife, friend and mentor


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