After years of experimentation, I am happy to share ideas I've discovered that work to grow your social media accounts.

Although these strategies are designed for Instagram, you can apply them to other social media sites.

Let's get started.

The more Instagram stories you post, the more Instagram will share your stories and the quicker you'll attract new followers. Ideas for Instagram stories and free tools can be found here:

Social media tagging is also effective for growth. Write about influencers in your content and tag them. They will most likely share attracting you new followers. Win-win. Directions for social media tagging can be found here:

Videos have been all the rage since the start of TikTok. Instasize is a video editor with pixels all set for Instagram. You can check it out by reading this information:

If you don't have time to make your own videos, download them from Pinterest. It's perfectly legal and even ethical. The videos come with a link to cite your source. You will find a tutorial here:

Branding is an important part of social media marketing since it makes you memorable. I discovered a free app that allows you to customize Instagram stickers. You will find the information and a tutorial here:

Write in an unusual font. With Halloween coming up, writing in a creepy font will attract interest from people who love the holiday and who doesn't? You will find free tools and tutorials to help you write in a creepy cursed font here:

No one can deny the popularity of memes. There are many free tools that allow you to modify others' memes and create your own. You will find directions and a template here:

Finally, if none of the above methods work, you can always follow this Instagram Growth Cheat Sheet:

Wrapping Up:
Why mix and match? Why choose? The more of these you follow, the faster your will experience social media growth.

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