If you're bored with your hair get ready to be excited! 2011 brings a soft romantic vibe to hairstyles and colour. This year we are looking to reds and whites to brighten our drab, boring locks and dramatically change our looks to christen the New Year. From cosmetology schools to runways, these are the trends you'll be eyeing.

Who Wears Short Shorts?
Celebrities, that’s who! With the recent dramatic cropping of celebrity hair that belongs to the likes of Emma Watson, Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams one of the boldest hair trends this year is to cut it off! This hairstyle isn’t for everyone but it can be extremely complementary on some people. If you have a heart or square-shaped face, dare to bare all with this trendy do!

I Just Threw It On
Touseled, not messy; knots, not buns. Effortless hairstyles that only do take minutes to complete but look amazing will take you miles this season. They say you don’t really care about impressing anyone, and are too busy to care about your hair, even though you still look fabulous. Top knots, double knots, knots at the nape of your neck are an easy style that will take you from day to night with a simple twist of the wrist.

Bang On
It’s all about bangs, bangs and more bangs. 2011 brings soft, fringed, eye-framing bangs into focus. Even curly haired-beauties are pairing their corkscrew curls and soft, bouncy waves with bangs. Paired with just about any hairstyle, fringed bangs are a hit.

Bobbing for Style
The bob is back, but it has taken on a new, more feminine form. Short, severe bobs are gone and longer, wavy bobs have replaced them. Celebrities like Scarlett Johannson have embraced this trend for 2011 and have never looked better. What’s more, the long bob suits every face shape; just layer correctly according to your angles, and you’re good to go.

Colour Me Happy
Move over Christina Hendricks, you’re about to have some competition. Redheads rejoice, those carrot or ruby coloured locks are in vogue this season. For those of us not born with the colour, the beauty salon awaits. The more natural looking the better – if you’re not willing to go totally ginger, incorporate some silky strawberry threads throughout your mane. Blondes, don’t despair, your colour is still in high demand, just in a different hue… Ethereal white blonde is the newest trend along with lightened brows.

DO Be So Dramatic
2011 is the year for bold, dramatic changes; this is your ticket to start the year anew with a fresh new look. If you’ve always wanted to do a 180 on your locks, this is the year to do it. Shocke your friends family and co-workers by chopping it all off and sporting a mod pixie cut, or go all Gwen Stefani and rise to platinum bombshell status.

Make the leap in 2011: take a hint from these inspired hair styles and go forth with a beautiful new you!

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Lilly Gordon is a freelance writer and web publisher. She enjoys writing about beauty, hair styles and cosmetology schools.