You are ready to get out there and start speaking in front of groups, which is one of the best ways to get clients. To do this, you need a strong signature talk. You may be wondering how to write your speech and what needs to go into it. It’s actually really simple. Here are five steps for creating a hard-working signature talk that helps you get clients.

1. Start with your compelling story. Tell your own compelling story and put in the emotions you went through as well as the transformation you achieved. I started my story with, “I want to take you back to 1999” and then I told the audience my entire compelling story.

2. Explain how your story relates to your business now. Link your compelling story to why you are now working in your current business. I used to say, “I’ve dedicated the rest of my professional life to helping entrepreneurs attract more clients and today I would like to teach you the 10 steps”.

3. Share the steps of your proprietary system. Spell out each step in your system so they get a lot of value from your talk. Remember to focus on “what” your prospects need to do and save the “how” for later programs. If you give people everything for free, they won’t be likely to get the same amazing results possible as they would by working with you.

4. Weave in client examples. Sprinkle client success stories throughout the steps of your system to reinforce the learning. This helps to make the results you speak about feel more real for people in the audience. Your examples show them how well your system works.

5. End with a soft close. I recommend using a script like this to get clients at the end of every speech. “I just shared everything you need. Some of you will go ahead and make that happen and some will want to work directly with me to make it happen faster and get your questions answered. Either way, don’t let this be “shelf-help” where the information collects dust. Do something about this and if I can be of help, come up to me. I’m very accessible. I’m very approachable. Let’s set up a conversation for tomorrow and see if I can help. I want to hear about your situation and we’ll see if I can help.”

Every time I did that, I would have three, four or five people come up to me depending on how large the room was and I would pick up new clients.

Your Assignment:
It’s time to create your own signature talk to get clients. Review your compelling story and your proprietary system and polish these elements if needed. Pick your best client examples and then put together your talk. I recommend having a few versions. You probably need a 15-minute, a 30-minute and a one-hour presentation. Now you are ready for any opportunity no matter the length.

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