Identification of target audience- The target audiences of London international Business School would have to be prioritized first, followed by profiling them and understanding their requirements, online behaviours and expectations. Structuring the E marketing campaign would only be possible then

ii. Setting objectives- The major objectives of the campaign are raising brand

awareness amongst the target audience and more importantly building up brand equity amongst the target audience. The matter of recruiting the best personnel is also important. These factors would help in drawing more quality students to the institute and the best of faculties.

iv. Marketing mix-The proper mix of price, place promotion and people would have to be set up, in order to achieve the set objectives.

v. Budgeting-Budget would have to be fixed very carefully. The cost and the expected return need to be compared and then final budget decision would have to be taken.

vi. Planning action- The plan of action for e marketing needs to be decided and then implemented.

vii. Measure- The results need to be tallied with the expected or projected metrics and variances rectified. (The Government of UK –Business link, 2011).

Under the current economic conditions, when the world is recovering from economic meltdown, e marketing is way more financially viable than the conventional modes of marketing. It saves on time, cost and effort, saving up on organizational resources. Operational efficiencies can be enhanced with e marketing. The results are better than that of traditional marketing and are achieved in much shorter a period. Therefore, e marketing is the best marketing option for a reputed institute like London International Business School.

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