Voice power is something many are lacking. Some people can talk all day without a problem but many of us cannot. Do you find your voice getting weaker as the day progresses? Do you sometimes lose your voice by the end of the day and you are not sick? If so, then you should consider voice training because the problem will not go away on its own.

Today, people are talking more than ever. Even with the tremendous amount of written communication we are doing on our computers as well as our Blackberries and IPhones, the spoken word has increased enormously. People talk when they drive, shop, shower, and shave! Our cell phones have become part of our every waking hour and our throats are paying the price.

Because most people are using their throats and vocal folds (cords) as their primary means of powering and amplifying their sound, it is only natural that they are suffering persistent sore throats or even chronic hoarseness. When you learn to use your chest cavity as your primary sounding board, however, you will discover not only more power but a more mature-sounding, richer and even deeper voice. It is truly remarkable what a simple change in voice placement can make in how you sound.

People take courses to improve their lives and yet they fail to recognize that their voice is the vehicle for their words. Without it, they lose a part of their communication that is essential in today’s business world (and in their personal lives as well). While texting or typing is may be crucial for many, the ability to communicate by means of the oral word is high on everyone's list.

Some voice coaches work with the voice you already have and recommend daily exercises to make it stronger. I disagree with that approach. As a voice specialist, I show people how to find the voice they don’t know they have by learning to place it properly. When you make this change, you will discover more power, more voice, and more success without hoarseness or a sore throat.

In addition, by placing your voice properly, you will have the ability to increase your volume without shouting. You will be surprised by the changes you will experience if you break your old habits and instill some new ones. Not only will your voice have more power to carry you throughout your day, but it will sound better in the process. Imagine discovering a resonant voice that is stronger to boot!

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If you would like to see some dramatic 'before' & 'after' video clips, start with Craig by visiting Voice Dynamic and go to the center of the page. Then check out The Voice Lady's other video clips in the menu bar.

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