How To Stop Your Break From Becoming A Break Up With Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend - New Ideas. Stopping your break from becoming a break up is hard, but it is possible if you do not make the mistakes that most people do during this period. You have to start looking at things positively for a minute. No matter how dire your situation seems right now, bear in mind that they did not ask for a break up. This speaks volumes and should show you that they still have feelings for you and are conflicted about what to do next.

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You can play this one of two ways. You can either give up and leave your boyfriend or girlfriend to make the decisions about your future, wait patiently and hope for the best. Alternatively you can do something to halt the break in its tracks and make them realise that they have made a mistake and that they do want to be with you. The choice is up to you, but if you really do want to fight for this relationship then choosing the second option is your only real choice.

Why Did They Want A Break?
To be able to change the way your boyfriend or girlfriend currently feels about you, you have to take on board some unpleasant truths about why they decided that they wanted a break in the first place. These things aren't pleasant to hear but they must be confronted if you are to get to the bottom of the problem and set it right.

- There May Be Someone Else
Basically, there are usually two likely reasons why your partner has asked for some space. One of these is more difficult to face than the other - maybe your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend has their eye on someone else. Instead of actually breaking up with your your boyfriend or girlfriend could have wanted to let you down gently, hoping that the relationship would eventually fizzle out and you would get the message that they are no longer interested in you. Harsh yes. Perhaps they think that being on a break gives them license to date whoever they like and they don't have to answer to you.

Breaks can be incredibly confusing because neither party really knows where they stand. Whilst you wait patiently hoping against hope that they will see sense, they could be out having the time of their lives and dating new people with little or no thought for you. If this happens then you will have to move extremely quickly in order to prevent this break from becoming a long drawn out process wherein your boyfriend or girlfriend can do whatever they want. This isn't fair to you and would be really difficult to deal with.

- They Are Bored With Your Relationship
Perhaps you felt like your relationship didn't need to be fixed and that everything was going well. How often did you look at things from your boyfriend or girlfriend's perspective though? Were they disgruntled leading up to the break or did they show signs that they wanted something more out of life? If you didn't notice these clues at the time, now would be a good opportunity to go back and think carefully about what was going on in the weeks and months preceding the break up. You will often discover a lot about their state of mind and realise what went wrong.

Were there huge conflicts and rows between you both? Did you stop having fun together? Did you grow complacent and take the other person for granted? Whatever the reasons were, you will have to pinpoint them and start working towards fixing these problems. Only then will you be able to stop your break from becoming a break up.

What To Do When They Ask For A Break
Mistakes are common during this fraught and emotional time. You will probably be tempted to cry, beg or reason with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You don't want to give up on your relationship and the thought of being apart is not something that you can stomach easily. That being said, fighting for your relationship should not entail these outward expressions of desperation. Instead you should be fighting behind the scenes for your relationship, not holding onto someone who wants to be set free.

Stop and think for a minute how your pleading and crying will look to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If they are determined to have a break then this pitiful display of emotion will not stop them. In fact it will only reaffirm in their mind that the break is a good idea. No one wants to be guilt tripped into staying with someone, no relationship will work on this basis. Although it is a harsh thing to hear, you would be much better to let them go now and save face. Slow and steady definitely does win the race in this instance.

The last thing that you want to be doing is to be waiting at home by the phone in the hopes that they will call you and see the error of their ways. This type of behaviour is passive and will do nothing to halt the break in its tracks. Instead you have to take a more proactive approach, one that will surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend and make them second guess their decision.

When your boyfriend or girlfriend asks for a break the best things for you to do would be to agree and say that you had been contemplating the same thing for a while. This will knock them for six because they never thought that you would want this. Instead of your boyfriend or girlfriend feeling confident in their decision to go on a break, your reaction will make them second guess themselves and leave them on shaky ground. Is there a change that they might lose you for good? This is a prime example of reverse psychology and it essentially puts the power back in your hands. You want to be operating from a position of power and not be the one who is weak and lamenting the demise of your relationship.

Hopefully the break will not last for too long after your bombshell. If you continue to act in an attractive manner and don't play the victim, your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend will start to view you in a different way and realise what they are missing out on. Sometimes it isn't as easy as that though, there are times that you will need to implement other techniques to draw your girlfriend or boyfriend back. This you can do in the background during your relationship break. This is also useful if you and your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend are already on a break and are not communicating. Get these techniques right and you will slowly pull your boyfriend or girlfriend back into your life without them even realising that you had a plan.

Your Next Steps
Okay, so now you know some of the background surrounding breaks, you will need to up the ante and work to bring about your reunion sooner rather than later. The best way to do this is to make your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend miss you. Let's face it, your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend is not going to want to be with you again if they don't miss you first.

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