How To Stop Worrying About Something You Said: Anxiety Over Everything I Say

Anxiety disorder is a nervous condition where the sufferer secretes excess adrenaline into his or her bloodstream to the point it can control how he or she hears, sees, thinks and functions. Normally, a person who is having anxiety problems, will live periods of life without being bothered by this nervous condition. Then, on occasion, the anxiety sufferer will be besieged by spells of anxiety or what are known as panic attacks.

It is normal to experience nervousness. Everybody becomes nervous from time to time. A person experiencing anxiety problems will also become nervous from time to time. The problem is, instead of spells of mild nervousness, the anxiety sufferer's nervousness is greatly exaggerated.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Nervousness Escalated to Anxiety

So, the difference between normal nervousness and a true anxiety disorder is largely the degree of the nervousness. When any person is in a state of nervousness, adrenaline will flow through the bloodstream and this will cause nervous symptoms.

When large amounts of adrenaline enter the bloodstream, horrifying sensations may be felt by the person experiencing this adrenaline flow. Where the feelings of normal nervousness are sweating palms and shaking hands, anxiety disorder's symptoms go much further. They will usually cause more intense and uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms often include a fast and heavily beating heart. The sufferer often describes this heavily beating heart as a thumping in the chest.

The Tricks Adrenaline Plays

Bouts of anxiety can also cause the sufferer to experience changes in vision. This of course, can be very disconcerting. It may appear to him or her as if some inanimate object has actually moved. This will typically make the sufferer think he or she is experiencing mental problems.

It may be comforting for a person experiencing anxiety attacks to realize many other people also experience them. It is beneficial to know many, many people have recovered from anxiety disorder as well. If you are one who now has an anxiety disorder, or maybe just extreme nervousness, or perhaps an occasional panic attack, remember you're not alone and you can overcome this condition as a great many others have.

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Forget the Past

To the sufferer, the cause of the anxiety is not important. What is important is finding freedom from it. There are so many reasons for anxiety disorder that there are too many to mention. However, people do not wish anxiety disorder on themselves. So people suffering from anxiety disorder are not to blame for having it.

It may be redundant, but it is important to repeat anxiety is not a condition of the mind, it is condition of the nervous system. Your nervous system is secreting too much adrenaline at inappropriate times. This is what is causing these bouts of anxiety and panic.

Acceptance Puts You On the Path to Recovery

Anxiety can be mild or severe or anywhere in between. There are different types as well. So giving exact advise on how to recover from all types of anxiety with one blanket statement is impossible.

Still, all kinds of anxiety share one thing; they all become more intense when the sufferer tries to fight through an attack of panic. A very important key to recovering is understanding if you are not afraid of the sensations anxiety brings you, you will not add any more adrenaline to your system and this, in turn will cause these anxiety and panic attacks to become less and less severe. Can you completely recover from doing this alone? In some cases, yes. In others there is more to it but learning to accept the awful feelings of anxiety is a start.

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Your real fear doesn't lie in the shopping mall, it doesn't lie at your work and socializing with co-workers, it doesn't even lie in the actual symptom of anxiety. Your real fear is alive and is fueled simply by the fear of the unknown. Do you know why so many people don't embark on a natural path to stopping their generalized anxiety or panic disorder? Simply because of the fear of the unknown. They try a 'tool' that has worked for someone else, the tool or suggestion works in their own life for a few days and then setbacks kick in.

It is at this time of setback that separates the successful and the failures, in all walks of life

People who have naturally been able to stop a panic attack instantly, and have stopped their generalized anxiety disorder have all been as anxious when it comes to facing their fears of thought. The only difference is they are able to move with the fear, while others are stuck always starting over.

The truth is deep down you know what you need to do to stop your anxiety naturally

The fear of the unknown should not be a place we must avoid, instead we need to take a new approach to the fear. Think about times in your past where you've stepped into the unknown. It could have been diving off a high board in a swimming pool, or asking someone you had a crush on for a date. In your past there have been many time where you've faced an unfamiliar path but have kept on moving forward.

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What if you took this same approach to the fears that trigger your anxiety disorder?

Here's what you need to get in tuned with if you're going to move with your fears that triggers you anxiety, instead of run from them. You're going to need to think back, and re-experience the times in your life where you've overcome the fear of the unknown. You're going to have to feel that positive emotion over and over because the key to stopping your health anxiety, GAD or panic attacks lies in one word.


Here's a guarantee I can give you, now this is serious because as we all know most of what we try and accomplish in life has no guarantee when we embark onto something new. My guarantee to you no matter what your fear may be relating to your anxiety disorder is that you are healthy and safe. That lingering symptom of anxiety that keep you up all night has a very reasonable explanation as to why it's there. The 'what if' thoughts you experience during the rise of a full-blown panic attack are natural, but in the end you are healthy and you are safe.

Anxiety is a con artist

The unknown offers big rewards in your life remember that, I always remind people that freedom begins at the end of your comfort zone. So here's what I'm asking you to do today and onwards. Don't take a step into the world of unknown and scatter back, experience it, stay with your fears, and understand that everything you are experiencing has a very humanly explanation behind it. Make this a habit, and soon the scales of thought will begin to tip in favor of confidence and freedom, over fear and anxiety.

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If you're finding it hard coping with panic attacks, it's always great to have something new and effective to try. Sometimes it can feel like you've run out of ideas, so having a fresh technique to use can give you a wonderful boost, and also restore hope.

I'd like to offer you a fresh idea right now. It's weird, but it works, so please give it a try and see what it can do for you. I call this idea "Self Massage," and as strange as it may seem to you at first, it's something that can make coping with panic attacks far easier.

So, what is "Self Massage"?

It's exactly what it sounds like it is! It's massage that you give yourself. You and I both know how effective a massage can be at relaxing us and getting rid of stress, but how often is there someone around who's free to give you one?

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Most of the time, you'll be out of luck. And any time you're out of luck, you have zero chance of getting all the benefits associated with massage. But here's the great news, and it's something everyone overlooks.

We can massage ourselves!

True, it won't feel quite as good as when someone else does it for us, but we can still get all the same great benefits of relaxation, stress reduction, and an overall sense of wellbeing that massage offers us. The two areas you should focus on with your "Self Massage" when you're coping with panic attacks are the neck and the scalp.

A huge majority of the stress that people with anxiety experience are in these two areas, and if you take 5 or 10 minutes each day to gently massage them you'll experience incredible results. Coping with panic attacks is never easy, but with handy little tricks like "Self Massage" on your side, you'll stand a much better chance of having success.

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A person experiencing the symptoms of an anxiety attack often thinks they are having a heart attack. This is understandable, since there are similarities between the two sets of symptoms. If you talk to someone about what they are feeling during an anxiety attack, one of the most common responses is that they think they are having a heart attack. Let's look at some symptoms of anxiety attack so that we can see where these people are coming from...

Typical symptoms are:

shaking and tremors
shortness of breath
irregular breathing
tightness in chest and / or throat
tingling in hands and feet
real fear of some impending doom e.g. a heart attack

You can now see why a person who hasn't had an actual heart attack before would think that they were having one. The symptoms above mimic what the sufferer 'believes' are the symptoms of a coronary.

However, the symptoms of an anxiety attack are just the body's reaction to a perceived threat. In this case the irrational fear of the victim. The most important thing to remember is that they are just symptoms and not life threatening. An anxiety attack cannot harm you.

Under normal everyday levels of anxiety, someone who finds themselves in a highly stressed situation like a job interview, job loss, public speaking, exams, stuck in a lift, public transport, traffic jam, etc. wouldn't normally have an anxiety or panic attack. But someone who already has an abnormally high level of general anxiety and is then put into a stressful situation can suffer all or some of the symptoms of an anxiety attack.

Now, you would think that after their initial anxiety attack they would be able to recognise the symptoms and understand during future attacks that their life is not in danger. But the symptoms of anxiety attack are just so terrifying that it's almost impossible not to get caught up in the terror again and really believe that something dreadful is about to happen.

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Not only that, but the 'fear' of having another anxiety attack on top of high general anxiety can actually trigger another attack. So one of the most important aspects in preventing further, repeat attacks is to eliminate that 'fear' of another attack. Once having done that you can then concentrate more effectively on getting rid of your general anxiety. Mainstream treatments aren't very effective in this...

Drug-based medications such as antidepressants, tranquilizers and beta blockers etc. are usually prescribed by your doctor. These can help reduce your general anxiety over time but they have many well known bad side effects and don't address the root cause(s) of your anxiety, i.e. the things in your life and experiences that have given rise to your general anxiety.

Other non-drug therapies like psychotherapy, hypnosis, and meditation, can help but they may only teach you how to 'cope' with your anxiety through the power of positive thought etc., not cure it necessarily. These are coping techniques.

So you need to find a simple, effective way to eliminate your fear of the symptoms of an anxiety attack. You need to find a technique that, once learned and implemented, will prevent further attacks from occurring. This is an important first step in getting rid of your anxiety.

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