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Anxiety disorders are terrifying and they make life miserable for the person going through them. Not only does anxiety make daily life almost unbearable, it is also confusing and usually leaves the sufferer thinking no one else, not even the family doctor, could know what he or she is experiencing.

People who are going through anxiety disorder often hide this fact from the world because they are often afraid others will think they are going insane. Of course, this is not at all true, seeing as anxiety disorder is a condition of the nervous system and not the mind. Still, many are unaware of this fact because the adrenaline that runs through their bloodstreams tricks them into thinking their problem is insanity.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Figuring Out Anxiety and Beating It At Its Own Game

A lot of people suffer from anxiety disorder and a lot of people have recovered from it. Unfortunately, most anxiety sufferers do not realize this disease is so widespread and because of this they are afraid to tell anyone. This only makes matters worse.

When an anxiety sufferer starts to talk to others about his/her condition, he/she will be surprised to find not only will many others be able to accept it but how many others have actually have had real experience with it. This in itself will be helpful to the anxiety sufferer because it will help overcome the feeling of loneliness anxiety disorder so often brings about.

Also, these conversations with others may lead the sufferer to someone who will be very helpful in coaching along the him/her the way to the cure.

You Can't Fight It!

To overcome anxiety disorder the first thing the sufferer must realize is, anxiety and panic are adrenaline driven. So, it is actually adrenaline that causes the strange and disconcerting feelings which accompanies anxiety.

The sufferer must also realize when he or she tries to fight these disconcerting feelings, more adrenaline is pumped through the bloodstream. So, overcoming anxiety actually requires accepting these awful adrenaline-produced feelings because fighting simply creates more adrenaline flow and so, more awful experiences.

As well as fighting anxiety, another mistake panic sufferers make is trying to run away from it. Like fighting, running away causes more adrenaline flow and so more of the horrible feelings anxiety and panic attacks bring on. Trying to always be on guard against anxiety is the same as running away. It will will tend to make an anxiety attack more intense and longer lasting.

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Anxiety Thrives on Fighting

Accept the feelings anxiety and panic are giving you as part of your life for the time being. This is the opposite of fighting and it is also the opposite of running away. When you take this attitude, you will no longer be adding to your problems by creating additional adrenaline flow throughout your system. So, by not making matters worse, you are actually starting down the road to recovery.

I say this with one caveat; if you are experiencing alarming sensations such as chest pains, don't play around with them. See a medical professional who can administer the proper treatment for such a thing. He or she can tell you if anxiety/panic attack is what is bringing on the symptoms you are experiencing, or if it is something else.

Without Fear, Anxiety Cannot Survive

Once the anxiety sufferer is no longer intensifying the manifestations of panic and/or anxiety, the panic attacks and anxiety itself will be become less and less in terms of both number of attacks occurring and the magnitude of those final few that come on once in a while after progress is being made.

At this point, a full recovery will be inevitable. Just be sure you realize scaled down attacks of panic and anxiety will come back to visit you from time to time. Accept this fact and you will become totally free of anxiety disorder in the future. When in the future? Don't put a time-line on it. This would be fighting.

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Have you ever sat back and looked at your issues with anxiety from a stranger's point of view? It can truly be an eye opening and in my case even a humorous experiences. Everyday we try and justify our fears by explaining to others these new symptoms of anxiety were experiencing, these new thoughts that are leading us on a path of self-destruction etc.

Anxiety Disorder People Do Everything In Their Power To Stay In Line With Their Feared Beliefs!

We believe that we are safe in our feared ways, and whether it's at work, at home, or even a walk to the grocery store we act the part and this keeps us in our 'safe zone.'

But What If Humor Could Take Us Out Of Our Safe Zone?

Take 5 minutes from your day every morning, and look at your current fears from a stranger's point of view. Completely take yourself out of your own mind and body, and into someone else's for these 5 minutes. Now go over your fears that are triggering your anxiety and panic. For me these were things like:

- Getting into my car and driving 2 blocks away
- Keeping a close eye of my heartbeat just in case it exploded
- Feeling out the imagined 'lump in my throat' all day everyday

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By putting yourself in someone else's shoes and looking at your fears that are causing you your GAD or panic attacks, you just may come to the conclusion of how truly ridiculous some of the fears you have are. Mental imagery is crucial during this exercise, and you may want to add a comedic part to you as well. For instance when you (the stranger) is picturing the image of you going through the day to fearful to get into your car, you could add floppy Ronald McDonald shoes to your outfit. This just adds to the humor of things.

By No Means Am I Trying To Ridicule Your Fears That Cause Heightened Anxiety

All I want to do is give you 5 minutes of freedom at the start of everyday. That 5 minutes that you brainstorm, and envision your greatest fears from a strangers point of view could be the most important 5 minutes of your day. So give it everything you got, and soon you may be looking at your own fears and anxiety in a whole new more comedic way.

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I've got a strange and effective technique that I'd like to share with you to help you stop panic attacks. It's an old idea, but with a unique new twist. Let me start by asking you this: How did you find the article you're reading right now?

Wherever you're reading this, you probably found it by entering a search term into Google. Even if you're reading this on a blog you visit regularly, then I'd like to bet that you originally found that blog by entering a search term into Google.

We find everything with Google these days, right?

We ask it a question, and it gives us the answer we're looking for. What if we could do the same thing with our minds? What if we could ask our mind a question, or pose it a problem, and immediately have it give us the answer we're looking for?

The great news is, we can.

Our minds work just like Google. Instead of entering in a search term, we ask it a question with our internal voice. Instead of getting back websites in return, our mind gives us ideas, thoughts, and emotions. But it really is just the same as Google.

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So how do we make use of this? Well, we do it with the use of goals. Goals are like the words we type into the Google search box. You want to stop panic attacks, so a goal of yours might be to stop your anxiety keeping you awake at night. If this was Google, you'd type in "how to sleep with anxiety," and you might get some good results. But in our minds, we simply ask ourselves that question again and again, throughout the day, whenever it pops into our heads.

What does this achieve?

It focuses our subconscious on the outcome we desire. Our minds immediately get to work, looking for solutions to the insomnia problem. If you ask yourself a question like this enough times, eventually your mind will surprise you with an answer. And the answer is usually a great one.

Start thinking of your mind like Google. Ask it questions, and be open to what it gives you back in return. You'll be amazed at the answers you get, and you'll be amazed at how effective this can be when you want to stop panic attacks.

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If its your first anxiety attack, and you've never had a heart attack, there is probably no way that you would be able to figure out that what you're actually experiencing is an anxiety attack, and not a heart attack. That was my frightening experience anyway...

Caught in the middle of 5 lanes of traffic in the city in the evening, I suddenly had a 'turn'. My wife noticed and asked what was wrong. I said that I wasn't feeling right and would need to park up somewhere. At that moment I felt 'detached' from myself, not in control of myself, and a bit lightheaded.

Miraculously, I managed to get parked within a few minutes. By this time I was finding it hard to breathe, my heart was thumping fast, I had a slight tightness across my chest, my fingers were tingling, I was disorientated, dizzy, and, I honestly had this real fear that I was going to die from a heart attack!

To cut a long story short, an ambulance was called and I was taken into the back for examination and tests. I was dumfounded -- not to say highly embarrassed -- when they told me I had had an anxiety attack, and not a heart attack.

An anxiety attack? Me, suffering from anxiety? I couldn't believe it! But after seeing my doctor and doing my detailed Internet research, I realized that I wasn't alone, and that it is very common for victims suffering an anxiety attack to firmly believe they are having a heart attack.

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You see, typical symptoms of an anxiety attack are; palpitations, dizziness, very fast breathing (hyperventilation), racing / pounding heart, chest / throat tightness, shaking / shivering, sweating, a 'detached from reality' feeling, nausea, etc.

So you can understand how anyone suffering an anxiety attack can be forgiven for fearing that they are suffering a heart attack. And, because they have some symptoms in common, it's vital to seek urgent medical help. Do not self-diagnose.

What I found out through my doctor, was that I was suffering from general anxiety and that something -- probably the traffic -- had triggered the attack. So he gave me a script for antidepressants which is a common approach in managing anxiety.

However, I decided not to start them as I had seen the effects similar medications had on one or two other people I know. And I didn't want to go around in a daze. However, I knew I had to do something fast as I was pretty scared of having another anxiety attack in a similar situation. And I knew that if I did it, it would still be very hard to convince myself that I wasn't having a heart attack. The feelings are just so terrifying.

That's when I successfully researched the Internet for a completely natural way to prevent further anxiety attacks. And the key to it all was to get rid of the 'fear' of having another anxiety attack, which itself often times causes an attack.

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