How To Stop Worrying About Health: Overcoming Health Anxiety - Letting Go Of Your Fear Of Illness

When anxiety takes hold and the one suffering from it is unable to get rid of it for what seems to be an eternity, every day can become frightening. While being helped by the medical community is an option for these sufferers, many times they see this as a last resort and seek out natural anxiety cures.

It is normal for the sufferer to be hesitant to discuss this illness with anyone because he or she is often afraid of ending up feeling rejected or misunderstood. When this happens, anxiety sufferers often don't know where to turn. So, they will look for anxiety cures without telling anyone. Surprisingly, they may find a cure by simply becoming familiar with how most forms of anxiety work.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Most common types of anxiety, because they are overwhelming to the sufferer, include the terrible fear that is part of a panic attack. However, they are curable. In this article, we will discuss how anxiety disorder works, what feeds panic attacks and how you can overcome these things.

Self Help for Anxiety

The first step in curing anxiety is realizing it is, indeed anxiety. Anxiety shouldn't be fought because fighting is the gasoline fueling the engine of anxiety. Anxiety sufferers must come to grips with the fact it is a nervous illness causing this problem. Instead of trying to slug their way out of it, they need to realize the anxiety can do no more harm if they refuse to fight it. Not-fighting will ease the severity of the anxiety and bring about a cure.

The second part is when suffering anxiety, you must stop trying to run away from it. An anxious state is a state where a person is pumping adrenaline throughout the body. This adrenaline pumping is a body's natural response to fear. When you are fearful, you are in a state of fight or flight. So, obviously, when you are fighting or running away, you are causing adrenaline to be pump out of control.

Trying to Fight it Off

The opposite of fighting and running away is to stand steady and acknowledge the symptoms of anxiety. Therefore, it is beneficial for anxiety sufferers to analyze their symptoms. When they do so, these symptoms will lesson in severity.

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Of course, if one of these symptoms would be something such as chest pains, the sufferer should call a doctor immediately. Once the doctor tells him or her it is not a heart attack but a problem with nerves, he or she will realize the symptoms being experienced are anxiety related and not cardiovascular.

Often panic will make the sufferer believe something very serious is happening. A lot of times this sufferer will believe he or she is having a heart attack or a stroke. This is why it is of utmost importance a medical professional has made it clear nothing of this nature is happening so a total acceptance of the feelings anxiety has brought about can be viable.

Letting Anxiety Whither Away

Once a person learns how to give no extra concern to physical feelings brought about by anxiety, this sufferer will no longer be fearing the symptoms of fear. Adrenaline may continue to pump through the body for no reason for some time to come, but the panic attack will stop eventually. The sufferer will no longer be fueling anxiety with the fight or flight response. In other words, the anxiety sufferer will now be in a recovery phase because he or she is no longer stoking the flames of anxiety and panic.

As this happens, the sufferer gains confidence the anxiety is losing its power over him or her. The cycle the sufferer will now be in will be less nervousness - less fear of nervousness - even less actual nervousness. As this cycle continues the anxiety disorder with its spells of panic attacks will become less and less severe and in time, non existent.

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If only my friends and family truly knew what it was like dealing with anxiety attacks, their respect for me would have gone up ten-fold. People who continue to deal with anxiety attacks are some of the bravest people on this planet I know, they fight the feelings of literally not being able to breath with all they have, they keep a close watch over the increased feelings of heart palpitations that resemble an oncoming heart attack, and they even go as far as to continue doing what they need to do during the day as the feelings of immense dizziness and unsteadiness kicks in, and leads them into continued fearful thoughts.


How dare they undermine the bravery of people dealing with anxiety attacks. But I want to let you in on a little secret, a secret that might shock you because of the simplicity of it. I want to let you in on the moment I stopped dealing with anxiety attacks, and began living my life the way I wanted to again. That was the moment I quit fighting back, and listening in intently/respectfully on my anxious thoughts. What simple advice though Mr Anxious Athlete, this can't possibly be the solution to dealing with anxiety attacks there must be something more to it!

Well, There Isn't...

When dealing with anxiety attacks, there are certain patterns/cycles that you need to take note of. Most commonly it goes like this:

1) Feeling a scary symptom of anxiety.

2) Observing the symptom like a professional spy, no matter what you're currently engaged in.

3) Replacing what this symptom of anxiety truly is (normal), with what your anxious mind and thoughts are telling you it is... a sign of impending doom!

4) The symptom of anxiety becomes heightened, uncontrollable, and it's at this point more symptoms join in on the party.

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5) You look for a fast solution (anti anxiety medications), or an escape route to your 'safe zone' (or the emergency room in most cases).

6) In time your symptoms of anxiety calm. You are left in complete confusion (and exhaustion from the battle) and think what the heck just happened? You've now made a successful subconscious link between what you were doing and where you were during the anxiety attack. Which means you now fear that location, person etc and will avoid it at all costs in the future.

Truth Is, I Hated Dealing With These Attacks And So Do You

So from looking at the 6 step cycle of dealing with these types of attacks, can you pin-point the exact step in which the oncoming anxiety attack can be heightened or stopped? Well, it's kind of between step 2 and step 3. observing the symptom of anxiety for a short time is fine, the fearful and anxious thoughts when dealing with anxiety attacks are also fine (because you can't completely turn those thoughts off at the moment). It's at that crucial stage that your, what I like to call experienced self must kick in. The part of you that has gone through all this before, and has come out on the other side maybe a little rattled and exhausted but unharmed.

So What Is The Main Ingredient Within You That Needs To Be Nurtured To Stop Anxiety Attacks Naturally And Quickly?


Without going any further I will leave you with that. Understand this post completely if you are currently dealing with anxiety attacks, it is everything you need to hear right now...

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When you're trying to control panic attacks, there are many areas that you need to focus on. The more of these areas you can gain control over, the better your chances of stopping the panic attacks. And there's one area of panic and anxiety that you'll almost certainly be familiar with: depersonalization.

Depersonalization is very common in all anxiety disorders, and you may experience it without even knowing it. In case the concept of "depersonalization" is a new one for you, here's a quick definition of what it is:

"Depersonalization is the altered state of mind where you feel as if you are detached from your body and your thoughts. It is similar to an out-of-body experience, where you feel you have no power to act or control yourself or your mind."

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Sadly, there is very little help to be found for depersonalization. Most doctors and psychiatrists are unaware of the suffering it can cause, and there are very few good books on the subject.

But there's good news.

There is one excellent book on this subject, and I'd like to recommend it to you right now.

It's called "Feeling Unreal," and it's written by a lady called Daphne Simeon. At the time it was published it was the first ever book to focus solely on the subject of depersonalization, and it's helped many people who've lived with this condition for many years. Something else that readers of this book love is that there's very little technical jargon, so even those of us with a basic understanding of psychology can understand its ideas.

If you'd like to learn effective ways to manage your depersonalization, which will prove highly beneficial in also controlling panic attacks, I highly recommend you check out "Feeling Unreal" as soon as possible.

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The symptoms of anxiety attacks are overwhelmingly frightening. They can occur without any apparent warning, and when they do they are utterly devastating to the victim. Anxiety attacks -- or panic attacks as they are also called -- can leave the sufferer with a real conviction that they are having a heart attack or that they are about to die.

The symptoms of anxiety attacks, although extremely frightening, cannot harm you. In fact the symptoms are just the body's own normal reaction to the victim's irrational fears of some 'impending doom'.

Seven typical symptoms of anxiety attacks are:-

1. Tightness in the chest and throat.
2. Heart palpitations, pounding heart, or irregular heartbeat.
3. Irregular breathing, shortness of breath.
4. Dizziness, light headedness.
5. Feeling of detachment from reality, disorientation.
6. Tingling sensation in fingers, feet etc.
7. And while you're feeling the physical symptoms above, you have a real feeling of 'impending doom'.

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(A word of caution here. Whilst the above are some of the more common symptoms of an anxiety attack, they can also be symptoms of other medical conditions. Always consult your doctor, don't self-diagnose.)

Now, although these attacks can occur out of nowhere, they have an underlying cause or 'trigger' which may have occurred hours before the actual event. Stress or general anxiety is the platform upon which an attack is based. Then all it takes is for something to trigger the actual attack.

So there are two components here, the underlying general anxiety, and, the trigger that brings about an attack. Often times this trigger is just the fear of another attack itself, and you may have this fear without even realizing it.

It doesn't matter how hard you try to get rid of your general anxiety: if the fear of having another attack is always present, there is nothing to prevent it happening again and again. It's a vicious cycle. And repeated attacks can have severe consequences for your well-being and quality of life. You need to get rid of the fear of the symptoms of anxiety attacks first, then, eliminate the general anxiety.

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