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Anxiety and panic attacks are a real problem. Up to 3 million folks in America suffer panic attacks. Usually, a first panic attack starts at 15 to 19 years of age. And women are much more prone to anxiety and panic attacks than men. It's a very real problem that needs to be addressed, and quickly. Here, you'll discover the symptoms, causes and general treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, plus, how to break out of the vicious cycle of anxiety.

Everybody feels stress and anxiety most every day. Things like going for a job interview, an exam, driving in traffic, running late for an appointment, shopping in a crowded supermarket, etc. But these feelings never rule most people's lives. They are usually able to overcome these daily 21st century stresses.

But when these normal levels of anxiety are unnaturally elevated, they start to impact on your ability to lead a normal life. And the result is that a relatively small increase in stress, above an already higher level of general anxiety, can trigger a dreaded panic attack. And once having suffered a panic attack you are more likely to suffer another.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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The typical symptoms of panic attacks are; a racing heart, sweating, tightness in chest, tightness in throat, dizziness, a feeling of detachment, tingling fingers, nausea, and, the feeling of impending doom. Many sufferers truly believe they are having a heart attack. Around 25% of people admitted to emergency rooms in hospitals thinking they have had a heart attack, find out that it has been a panic attack.

And once having had a panic attack, the experience is just so frightening, that many folks withdraw into themselves. For example, if their attack happened while driving, they are scared to get into a car again. If it happened in the crowded supermarket, they stop going there again. It can affect work, relationships, and everyday living.

This of course impacts the sufferers' lives immensely. This then increases their already higher general anxiety levels, which in turn increases their risk of more panic attacks. There is also an increased risk of depression setting in. This is why it's so very important to seek expert help as soon as possible.

Mainstream treatment usually takes the form of drug-based medication (like tranquilizers, antidepressants and sometimes beta-blockers), psychotherapy, counselling, support groups etc. Other therapies are things like yoga, meditation, and self-hypnosis, etc. These either work on the brain chemistry, or, help you to cope with your anxiety and panic attacks.

But one of the critical factors in the onset of panic attacks, is the 'fear' of having another panic attack. This fear is imbedded in your psyche, raising the levels of anxiety, so that a relatively small spike in stress can cause another panic attack. It's a vicious cycle of anxiety that you must break out of in order to be free from anxiety and eliminate panic attacks. But this is unlikely to happen with drugs, lifestyle changes and / or 'coping' therapies. You need to find a proven way to get rid of your psychological fear of having another panic attack.

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The fear of a panic attack can cause panic attacks. Fear of the terrifying symptoms of a previous panic attack can be imprinted in your psyche. The outcome is that your fear increases your anxiety, which in turn increases the risk of further attacks. This is a repetitive cycle that needs to be broken if you want to be completely free from anxiety and panic attacks.

Some 3 million Americans suffer panic attacks, whose symptoms are absolutely frightening. The symptoms like, palpitations, racing heart, nausea, trembling, sweating, tightness in the chest, tight throat, and a feeling of some impending doom, are so horrifying that nobody wants to experience one ever again. So they have a psychological fear, a dread, of having one.

If you've suffered, and continue to suffer, panic attacks, the underlying reason is that you're suffering higher levels of anxiety and stress than normal. Everyone suffers daily stress and anxiety, but most people are able to handle it and function normally.

But millions of folks, for various reasons, have much higher daily stress and anxiety levels. So that when an everyday stressful event occurs (e.g. job interview, exam, stuck in rush hour traffic, shopping, etc.), on top of already heightened levels of stress and anxiety, a panic attack is often the outcome.

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Now, having suffered panic attacks before, you don't want to have another. This 'fear' actually builds on your psyche so that it is always there, adding to your overall anxiety levels. And when another stressful event occurs it triggers another attack, and so on. This is the 'cycle of anxiety' or 'anxiety thought loop'. Basically it's a vicious cycle of anxiety, panic attack, fear, anxiety, panic attack, fear.. and so on.

Everyday treatment for anxiety and panic attacks tend to either regulate brain chemistry through drugs to deal with the symptoms (i.e. help to calm you down), or, help you to try to cope with your problem, through things like meditation, self-hypnosis, counselling, etc. Of course one of the problems with drug-based medication is their side effects; nausea, vomiting, cramps, and in some cases dependency.

The problem you are faced with is how to eliminate your fear of a panic attack, in other words, how to break the repetitive cycle of anxiety and fear. Unless you do this you will never experience complete freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.

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Anxiety can be most perplexing. It is especially confusing because many times it seems there is nothing at all causing the anxiety, but it finds its way into your life nonetheless. Basically, anxiety is a spin off of stress. How the stress is handled determines whether you will possibly feel just a little stressed out or if this bout of nerves turns into a complete anxiety attack.

We all get stressed out from time to time. This happens simply because we are a part of the world. However, sometimes the stress becomes so relentless, it makes itself a permanent fixture in our lives. No matter what we do, this relentless stress is always in the background annoying us, sometimes to the point it ruins our day, or even weeks or months!

Stress Cannot Defeat Us Only We Can Defeat Ourselves

Sometimes we let the stress defeat us. You can tell this is happening when we turn to negative thoughts and start to predict the worse outcome in every situation that arises in our lives. Though this is a normal response constant stress brings on, it is a trap anxiety sets for us and it is one we must avoid.

There are certain life situations, such as loss of a loved one, a divorce and other live changing events that are well beyond the control of us human beings. These events bring with them major doses of stress. Remember not to compound this stress. When we do compound stress we end up with anxiety disorder or some type of panic anxiety.

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There is Help

How can we handle these mega doses of stress correctly? If a really horrible event brought it on, you should become involved in a support group. There are professionals and people just like you who have suffered through such events. The experience and guidance of others in the group will be very helpful. If the stress-inducing event wasn't quite so earth shattering, think of how much worse it could be. This will help you feel lucky and counting your blessings is very helpful in overcoming stress.

Whether you are in a stressed condition or not, use relaxation techniques, such as progressive relaxation, regularly. It amazes me how underused this most helpful exercise is! Remember that whether you are stressed out or in the midst an all out anxiety disorder, these things will run their course and go away if they are not provoked. In other words, do not fear anxiety. There is nothing it can do to you as long as you don't fear it.

This is a very condensed version of how to defeat anxiety; I realize that. However, there can be no anxiety unless there is fear and usually what we fear is the wacky feelings anxiety causes. Once you decide you will just live with these wacky feelings until the anxiety runs its course, it will do just that.

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For 17 years I lived with extreme panic and anxiety, and in that time I spent a lot of time looking for anxiety attack help.

I also spent a lot of time reading self-help books.

I think I pretty much read them all. And I can safely say that I'm not a fan of them. Most of them are full of the same old "positive thinking" nonsense that you're probably very familiar with.

But when you read as many self-help books as I've read in my time, the chances are that you're going to come across a couple that are great.

And I'd like to recommend one of those rare great ones to you today, which I think will offer you some excellent anxiety attack help as a bonus.

It's a book called "Flow," and it's written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Don't worry, the book isn't as hard to read as the author's name!).

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It's a very general book in its scope, focusing on things as diverse as what makes us happy, sex, the meaning of life, family relationships, and loneliness.

But even though it covers so many diverse topics, I really felt a connection between the ideas in this book and my anxiety disorders. It was like the heart of the book was speaking right to my problems, and it helped many areas of my life.

And rather than just offering some random theories on life, this book actually gives you some very simple steps that you can use in the real world to alter your perspective and achieve genuine happiness.

Reading "Flow" isn't the most obvious thing to do when you're looking for anxiety attack help, but I think you'll find it can be one of the most beneficial.

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