Have you ever wondered why each new day you feel bad? Do you know why you kept regretting the past? This is a common aspect of human nature. When we failed to meet up with certain task in life we tend face them in future in the form of bad feelings and regret of the past.

Overcoming regret is not that difficult, as many people would try to define it. It’s not all about trying to forget yourself or indulging in abnormal activities.

I have seen many situations where a person tries to stop regretting by forgetting himself through alcohol. The problem with such method is how many bottles would you drink? How long would it last? You will realized that the moment the alcohol wipes off, there lies the original problem and this time a big one.
Why do people regret the past?

There are many things that can cause a person to regret the past when he reached a certain age. Depending on how the past weaknesses were, he tends to face the same degree in his present life. The only difference is that it appears in a different form.

For instance, if a person believes in God in the past and up till now he is still living in sin, the tendency that he will continue to feel bad is guaranteed and that is how we came about regretting the past.

Any form of bad mode we get or regret is as a result of something we done in the past, which could not have been done. Depression unlike regret is just a sign that we have made an error in the past.
How to stop regretting the past

Identify what your problem is. You cannot stop regretting the past without first identifying what your problem is or where your regret is coming from. So the first thing to do is to know what presently makes you regret of something in the past.

You can do this by reflecting way back what you done in the past that affected your present life. For example, are you in a state because of something you did in the past?

It could be failure in relationship, academy failure, lost of money etc. Whatever you managed to identify that is the problem. Once you have known the cause of your regret, the next aspect will be on how to solve them and this will require more effort and courage. Almost all problem of the past can only be solved in the present.
How to solve the past worries

When you are done with the first and second step, the next aspect will be on how to solve the problem and this is nothing more than making some corrections in your present life in order to influence the past failures.

For example, you noticed that your regret is coming as a result of BREAKING UP with your partner, then finding a potential partner will make you FORGET about the past. If you were sacked, then get another job. If you failed an exam, study hard for the next. If you lost a huge sum of money then becoming rich will hinder you from regretting your past. Anytime you think of it, you will see it as a blessing, right?

When I first started my first business as a wholesaler, I lost everything I had in my first two years. The following couple of months I started suffering because of my past. My friends and business associates made jokes at me and this worried me. I decided that I am going to stop all this. I decided I was going to change the past so I chose to start a new business and began this website. Within few months after launching it, the site starts making a decent amount of monthly income. Whenever I think of the past I only smile. I changed my past by adjusting the present.

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