“I have tons of negative self talk. I’ve been trying to make it positive for month’s and am exhausted. Please help!”

Hey mate,

There is a way that guarantees you waste a lot of time and energy and get very little result when you notice you have negative self talk or negative inner speech.

I’d like to teach it to you, but odds are you know it already, because it’s what everyone else out there is teaching.

The Struggling State Mistake: You struggle when you focus too hard on turning negative inner speech into positive inner speech. Trying to talk yourself into "speaking positive" inside, or just making yourself talk positive is way to hard. The "negative" often just takes back over when you attention goes elsewhere.

We noticed several years ago, that many people simply have a rough time trying to change negative self talk and negative inner conversations into positive - so we developed a solution for you.

But before we get to that, we want you to notice, trying to change the words, trying to change the tonality can be take forever. It’s like trying to turn bright yellow paint into light yellow paint.

There is a difference, there is a precise difference between the two. But trying to make sure it’s light yellow and not bright yellow could drive you bonkers and take quite a while. It’s just like in real life, you find yourself working around the house, or doing some task at work and suddenly you notice - your inner self talk isn’t “the right colour anymore”.

Let’s compare that to noticing you have a can of yellow paint out in the garage- and then suddenly going to the kitchen for a drink of water because you are thirsty, and then remembering you have to make the bed.

Suddenly, you aren’t thinking about - you aren’t stuck on “is this yellow paint the right shade of yellow paint - or not”.

Let’s dive in so you can use this today and immediately have results.

So that is what I want you to do.

When you notice NEGATIVE INNER TALK - you will silence it - by QUICKLY putting all your attention on what can be seen in your physical world. (Look around - do it NOW!)

Then quickly put all your attention on what sensations you feel - like the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Wiggle your toes for extra good fun (notice how they enjoy that) and notice what sounds are all around you in the world - now.

Now take your attention and put it back on where your “inner talk” was, and notice….

It’s GONE.

While it’s gone, let’s have some fun and generate some good feelings. Right now, get up and dance, and while you are at it - play some good music (in the physical world).

Do this often enough - and you’ll find that your attention won’t get HYPNOTIZED by your inner talk.

Do this regularly enough you will have much more energy and will become much smarter.

This works wonderfully - because it stops you from getting stuck on your inner talk, and it stops you from getting stuck on “changing your inner talk” from “one shade of yellow to another shade of yellow”.

Note: Odds are when you do the Simple State Sweeper - you will LIGHTEN UP. You will physically feel LIGHTER and your world will glow even more. Odds are you will even notice more light inside of YOU. This will take your “bright yellow and turn it into light yellow - - just like how the colour of physical paint you see varies - with the amount of light in the room.

Have fun and join us at: http://freeneville.com


Mr Twenty Twenty

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Mr Twenty Twenty and his wife Victoria are the curators and content creators at http://freeneville.com - They love answering readers questions, and helping them create more prosperity in their lives.