There is even hair fall that can be prevented.

According to the American Hair Removal Association, 40% of people suffering from hair loss are women. There is even hair loss that can be prevented. they are always searching "How to stop hair fall".

But before you rush to the conclusion, what you need to know is that your diet and hairstyling habits are related to the amount of hair loss. Follow expert-approved advice to keep your hair healthy and voluminous.

Massage the scalp

According to Immer Organic hair expert, who specializes in scalp and hair health, "Scalp massage stimulates the scalp and removes dead skin cells, thus promoting healthy hair growth. “ Utilize the pad of your finger to affect shampoo to your scalp from the hairline to the back of your head. This movement improves blood circulation and stimulates hair follicles to grow.

Do mindful brushing

If you use a brush that pulls your hair, it will fall out of your hair follicles. If this repeated, you will drop your hair forever. Split your hair into several sections and constantly brush from the tips.

Handle wet hair carefully

Hair is most fragile and easy to cut when it's wet with the cuticle that protects it a little open. Do not comb or ponytail your hair until it is completely dry. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel or turban, that causes hair breakage, tap your hair with a towel to absorb excess water.

Refrain from exposure to UV light

A large amount of UV light destroys keratin, a protein in hair, resulting in weak and dull hair. In addition to looking for shade as much as possible (all year round!). We recommend using a hairspray that protects your hair from UV rays before sun exposure.

Eat more protein

According to our expert, "Hair isn't a life-supporting tissue, so you only take nutrients from your diet last, so undernourishment normally results in excessive hair loss." Have a protein-containing diet 2-3 times a day (fish, chicken, eggs etc.).

Stop using long-lasting styling products

Drin warns that products that harden hair have high alcohol content and will dry the hair. Residues left on the hair after brushing can cause hair breakage.
Try organic hair care products that don’t cause friction when brushing and retains the moisture in the cuticle.
Immer Organic hair care products consist of plant actives, collected from our own government-certified organic farm, helps us to maintain high standard purity to deliver best results. Immer Organic is a safe and highly effective hair care regimen.

Lower the shower temperature

50 to 150 hairs fall out a day. It's natural to get out during the shower, but a hot shower will increase unnecessary hair loss. According to Immer Organic hair expert, "Hot water strips off the oil that is inherent in the hair, so the pores in the scalp work excessively without delaying oil secretion. This damages the hair roots and causes further hair loss."

You can take Immer Organic Hair fall treatment

Immer Organic introducing an exclusive hair tonic which provides strength to the hair follicles controls hair fall and rejuvenates hair

Once the hair fall is controlled, the scalp becomes strong and develops the capacity to retain nutrition which makes the hair healthier

Our Tonic increases micro blood circulation nourishes and strengthens roots which ultimately results in hair fall control

This cruelty-free brand range is formulated without parabens, steroids, minoxidil, harmful chemicals and liquid paraffin

Our Strength

Safe – Non-Invasive
Quality Assurance
No Surgery
No Oral Medicines


Normal to excessive hair fall
Hair fall due to dandruff
Hair Thinning due to lack of nutrition
Split Ends


Androgenic Alopecia -Genetic Baldness
Scalp infections -Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergy
Sensitive Skin
Thyroid, Pregnancy, Heart Disease or any
severe health issues

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