How To Stop Fighting With Your Husband: Constantly Fighting With Husband

Have you been quarrelling with your husband recently? What did both of you fight about? Finances, household chores, parents, affairs, kids....? It seems like both of you are fighting over almost everything and the bond is not as close as before.

When quarrels become a perpetual thing, it brings resentment, sadness and hurt to the relationship. When things get worse, divorce will come into the picture. How can you stop fighting with your husband in order to avoid divorce?

Why quarrel?
Couples fight when their opinions and values conflict. This usually will happen when either one party start to feel disconnected or neglected. Start to think why you have been fighting with your husband. Did the argument start after you have children or the extra burden such as paying off for the mortgage, etc?

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Control, Patience and Care
One party has to start the move to give in first. It is usually when both parties do not want to give in, they will continue to fight non-stop. Hence, if you want to stop fighting with your husband successfully, you have to control your temper as well. If you find it difficult to control your temper because of your bad feelings towards him, you should give yourself some space and time to cool down. Instead of thinking the bad things, start to bring out old photographs and reminisce the time when you first got together with your husband.

Learn to believe that living and maintaining a home together can be very pressurising. See this obstacle as a challenge that you have to overcome and be patient to rekindle back the lost love in the marriage. A marriage does not stay the same forever, but you can make it lovely and lively throughout by learning the good techniques to maintain it. When you know the good techniques to maintain a marriage, you will understand and care.

Adopt the skills
Do it in a reverse way from now onwards. Have some change in your attitude first. When you start to use the good techniques, you will see a change in your partner's behaviour too. Even if your husband is not willing to work on the marriage, you should still apply the good techniques patiently because your husband will somehow calm down and talk to you nicely eventually. It is only when both of you are feeling calm, then things can work on further.

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This relationship advice for women is something that you would not come across in any of the popular women's magazines, purely because they typically write from a female point of view. I am a married man always looking to improve the relationship with my wife. My passion is in helping other women out there who are suffering in silence help bring their marriage back from the brink of extinction. A lot of women tend to be quite warm and compassionate. This isn't actually the best trait to have if you want to have a strong marriage. In fact, it has made men divorce their wives before (in extreme cases). I'll tell you how to be compassionate while still loved by your man.

1. Too Much Compassion

Compassion in itself is a fantastic trait to have. To have a big heart that can accommodate many people, views and other things you have a passion shows that you are very forgiving and tolerant.

It is for this reason however that your compassion may be destroying your marriage. If you are to tolerant and forgiving of your husband, he may inadvertently seek to manipulate and take advantage of this. This is of course an extreme case. He will at least feel too relaxed as a husband.

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2. The Law Of Supply And Demand

This is where you have to basically be aware of the law of supply and demand. See, if you're too compassionate, your man will find it impossible to respect you. If I seem very sure of myself, that's because I am.

Who can respect a servant? A servant is someone who takes a lot of rubbish from their master. They have to accommodate his/her master's needs if they still want a salary. If you have too much room in your heart, your supply of compassion is too high.

3. Restricting Your Compassion

You basically have to ween your man off your compassion. If he drinks of it too frequently, he won't find any nourishment from it anymore.

Be strict with him once in a while. Say no. Tell him off. Make it clear to him that you are displeased with him and really be displeased. If you're faking it, he will know. We men need boundaries to respect you as our wives.

This relationship advice for women is applicable to many aspects of life but is particularly relevant to your relationship with your man. Compassion is a good thing, but if your heart is too accommodating, don't be too surprised if your man disappears one day.

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In an article released by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, customers of marriage and family counselors from over a dozen states reported on their experience with family therapy.

The findings suggested that marriage and relationship counselors treated a large range of concerns in relatively short-term fashion. It said that couples therapy and marriage coaching are briefer than specific treatment, which customer satisfaction and practical improvement are rather high.

Particularly, of customers from over 500 marriage and relationship counselors in over a dozen states:

- Over 95% rated services outstanding or great

- Over 90% would recommend their therapist to a buddy

- Over 90% would go back to the very same therapist in the future

- Over 90% stated they were assisted in dealing more effectively with problems

- Over 90% were generally pleased with the service they got

- Over 95% got the kind of assistance they wanted

- Almost 75% indicated enhancement in children's behavior

- Just under 65% reported enhanced physical health

- Over 95% were pleased with the amount of assistance they got

- Just under 55% reported improvement in operating at work

- Almost 60% revealed enhancement in kid's school efficiency

[NOTE] Excerpted from "Clinical Practice Patterns of Marriage and Family Therapists: A National Survey of Therapists and Their Clients", Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

While the above research study supplies raw information that supports the efficiency of marital relationship and household counseling, a very interesting conversation on the question, "Does Marriage Counseling Work" from a public forum devoted to this subject offers a less medical, but still positive view.

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I found that what seems to be an extremely sincere and frank conversation among couples, "who've been there," the response to the question of whether marriage counseling works is a favorable one.

Will Marital Therapy Work for You?

Regardless of the studies and viewpoints which seem to support the question of, 'Does couples therapy work,' there are those who question its effectiveness.

This got the subject going on the science of marital therapy is being studied in excellent detail these days. Research is showing that it is not as reliable as individuals believe that ladies seem to get more from it than men.

Surely there are times when it may not have a long-lasting result on the couple's marital relationship.

What type of couple gets the most from couples therapy? The response is young, non-sexist, still in love, open couples.

Which couples get the least after finding what seems to the best marriage advice?

Some factors that can make couples therapy not successful consist of couples who wait too long before seeking assistance. I mean that typically one or the other is set on getting a divorce and is closed to any suggestions that may save the marriage.

It appears that couples who seek relationship healing or marriage coaching due to the fact that they want their relationship to work are more likely to prosper with marriage therapy.

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Many Do Benefit

Yes, they will benefit more than those who enter into couples counseling with the (maybe hidden) reality that they really more deeply want out of the relationship.

Again as the Course in Miracles further states, "It is still up to you to choose with truth or with illusion. Remember that to choose one is to let the other go."

When thinking about best marriage advice, it's hard not to wonder whether seeing a marital relationship counselor will actually work.

An honest marriage psychologist would agree that the inspiration of a couple might be the single most crucial aspect in identifying the success of marital therapy.

It's not likely that even a fantastic counselor would be able to conserve a marital relationship where one spouse really doesn't want to put in the effort for relationship healing.

The best marriage advice you find from a marriage therapist can most likely help a couple who are utterly devoted to making their marital relationship work.

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For me and my wife, Hawaii is an old friend. We went to Honolulu on our honeymoon and came back there three years later. We had experienced a very tough year in 1972 and we desperately needed time to heal and recover. December had also been very cold so the warm tropical sun also became a nurturing ally.

Two days after arriving, we were walking on the sand of Waikiki. Slowly walking, hand in hand, we were enjoying the sunshine and the sight of happy swimmers and surfers. The chopping sound of a helicopter began to intrude itself. We heard people shouting and we saw them running toward the landing aircraft. Security guards kept them from getting too close, but when the chopper blades stopped, out jumped ELVIS in a white jumpsuit and the crowd went crazy!

We had read in the local news that he was flying in to perform at a benefit concert, a concert that was focused on fighting cancer, but we had no idea we might see him there at the beach. He started signing autographs but we were to numb to get one, although we got a Polaroid photo we still treasure to this day. My wife almost got a kiss on the cheek from the king, but she got scared and ran off to the side. That was funny.

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A day or two later we went to see the concert. We got in for a ten dollar donation each, and we would have paid more but we were kinda broke. There was a huge buildup to the arrival of Elvis onstage. I still love watching the DVD, but I can't pick us out in the crowd.

I could not believe the energy that Elvis put into his performance! He was sheer dynamite from start to finish, moving from song to song. keeping his audience enthralled. I think my favorite was "This Time You gave me a Mountain" which was filled with pathos and sadness. "Hunk of Burning Love" was a barnstormer for the many women in the crowd. He interchanged slow songs with fast songs and always kept the momentum and the enthusiasm building. It was GREAT!

I think that magic moment was a pivotal event in our marriage. We have taken our children and grandchildren there and have pointed out where Elvis landed on the beach so many years ago. We all have our landmarks in time and this truly was a gamechanger for me and my wife. I still thank Elvis very much.

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