If you typed the word “Depression” in any query on the internet you will end up with the same phrase “Depression is a result of imbalance in brain chemicals” and as it appears from this statement, the only solution is find a way to balance brain chemicals, which is to live on medication forever or until your brain’s chemical balance is restored.

Let’s suppose your hands were broken, is it logical to keep consuming pain killers without putting your hands in cast? No it’s not because by consuming pain killers you are only dealing with the symptoms of the broken hand which is pain but you are actually never dealing with the root cause and so the problem will never go away.

Who cares about brain chemicals if there is another root cause that resulted in this imbalance in them? The imbalance in brain chemicals that everyone is talking about is only a symptom for the real thing that resulted in making you depressed.

Medication is not a solution for depression but its just a pain killer that can help you feel good while finding the solution but unfortunately many people get depression wrong and think that medication is the ultimate way to alter the brain chemicals. Yes medication can alter brain chemicals and restore the balance but unless the root cause is removed the brain it will cause another imbalance as soon as the effect of the medication goes away.

If you have a cup with a hole in it then filling the cup 100 times is not the solution to keep the cup full but instead fixing the hole will do it, those who depend on medication alone are exactly the same as someone who left the cup that has a whole below the tap in order to keep it full. Yes the cup will be kept full but as soon as the water supply is cut the cup will become empty in seconds.

Forget about the imbalance in brain chemicals and start focusing on finding the reasons that caused that imbalance, if on your way you felt that can’t tolerate the pain then taking medication might be a good idea, but again remember that it’s a temporary fix and not the solution.

You might have also come across the fact that depression is caused by environmental factors and genetic tendencies. While this is true, genetics alone can’t cause depression. Genetics only make you vulnerable to depression if you didn’t manage your emotions well or if you’re coping strategies weren’t effective. This means that your life skills, the way you handle problems, your interpersonal skills and your emotions management skills are what can cause depression even if you have genetic tendencies.

Some people stop searching for more information about depression when they encounter this information, just as people can victimize themselves by waiting for someone to help them they can also do it by building a false belief such as “Nothing can be done about it”.

Again genetics are not responsible for your feelings; you are the one who didn’t know how to deal with your own genetics in order to prevent depression. Whomever you try to blame, he won’t be responsible for your bad feelings, only you can change them.

Unsolved problems, the key
What happened the last time you touched a hot object by mistake? Didn’t you feel pain and so pulled your hand quickly? Your body was designed to protect you from whatever might cause harm to you and so it constantly keeps sending you signals about the dangers it encounters. If for example your hands encountered a very hot object a signal is sent to your brain saying that this object might damage your skin and that your hand must be removed.

This signal is not sent in English language but its sent as pain that is felt in the area that is exposed to the hot object. This is how your body operates; it uses pain as a message to tell you that something is going wrong. Now what if you ignored that signal and acted as if it was not there?? Your hand might be burned, its shape will deform and it will no longer function as it was.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t only send signals when there is a physical pain but it also sends a signal when there is an emotional pain. What do think those emotions you get everyday are? Fear, anger shame, doubt, depression, sadness, mood swings and hatred. Are they the result of Imbalance in brain chemicals? No they are the result of a different kind of imbalance that is taking place someone in your life and by sending such signals your mind is beginning you to take action just like it begs you to remove your hand when you touch a hot object.

If at any moment in your life, you didn’t find yourself feeling happy and relaxed then know that you are being sent a signal by your mind and that responding to it is the only way to get over the bad mood you are having. Taking medication in such a case is similar to keeping your hand on the hot object but taking pain killers in order to stop the pain. By doing so you are ruining your messaging system and you are fooling your body to think that you are ok but in reality, your hands are burning!!

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