How to stop drinking alcohol that's why we are here.

If you are reading this then you probably have a problem with alcohol. Or know someone who does.

To give you simple steps to quit drinking would do nothing to help you, therefore it would be doing you a disservice.

Why do you want to quit?

Do you really want to quit?

If you are wanting to quit to appease a situation or to get someone off your back, do not waste your time. It will not work.

Is alcohol creating a problem that has you constantly regretting your actions?

Is it affecting your relationships, health, work and your social reputation?

Many doctors and professionals in this field believe that alcoholism is a disease. That it is hereditary. Though this may be a comfort, it does not let you off the hook. Until you accept responsibility for your actions and make a conscious decision to quit based on you wanting to grow as a spiritual being, you would be doing little more than going thru the motions.

First: you need to realize you have a problem. I mean really realizing and accepting your actions and saying I do not want to be this person anymore. I want to restore control to my life. I want to be the person God intended for me. If you can get to this point, then you will have a chance.

I want you to understand that quitting and getting to the point of sobriety will not be easy. It probably will be the hardest thing you ever did. Although if you work at it, it will be the most rewarding. You will come to understand yourself like you never realized you could. You will come to realize the unlimited potential you possess.

How to stop drinking alcohol will become a major part of your life.

Ernest Holmes States:

“As the fall of man was brought about through his own act, so the rise of man will be accomplished through his own act. God already Is. Salvation is not a thing but a Way; the way of salvation is through the realization of man's unity with the Whole. Grace is the givingness of the Spirit to Its Creation.”

Second: Now that you believe you have what it takes, you will need to have a plan. I do have certain beliefs on this based on my involvement in the alcohol and drug field. One good option is a treatment center. Here you will get the proper guidance you will need to succeed. They will help you to put a plan in place. Learn about your Character Defects.

Third: The AA program has had many years of success. If you follow it as they have suggested, you will have a better than average chance. This means going to plenty of meetings, getting involved and treating it as though your life depends on it. Because it does.

Changing Your Life will be a wonderful Spiritual experience.

Make the most of it and never QUIT growing spiritually, it is an everyday learning experience. The most important TO REMEMBER


This page How To Stop Drinking Alcohol could save your life.

Please take it serious.

Blessings Rev.Bill

"I have seen hundreds of families set their feet in the path that really goes somewhere; have seen the most impossible domestic situations righted; feuds and bitterness of all sorts wiped out. I have seen men come out of asylums and resume a vital place in the lives of their families and communities. Business and professional men have regained their standing. There is scarcely any form of trouble and misery
which has not been overcome among us."__Bill Wilson, Founder A.A

This next quote is from someone who had the courage to change her life.

“I once heard a sober alcoholic say that drinking never made him happy, but it made him feel like he was going to be happy in about fifteen minutes. That was exactly it, and I couldn’t understand why the happiness never came, couldn’t see the flaw in my thinking, couldn’t see that alcohol kept me trapped in a world of illusion, procrastination, paralysis. I lived always in the future, never in the present. Next time, next time! Next time I drank it would be different, next time it would make me feel good again. And all my efforts were doomed, because already drinking hadn’t made me feel good in years.”

Heather King, Parched

Author's Bio: 

William Meinsen is a student of spiritual philosophies and has created a teaching website providing information on self help tools such as the Daily Affirmations.