Each alcoholic wants to put down the bottle. Each day is a battle. Whether the craving for alcohol exists or not, the bottle is something that they just naturally turn to. Family and friends often intervene with no success. It boils down to the control of the drinker. In order to stop, the drinker must make the decision to stop.

There are various courses and organizations that offer support. For some alcoholics these are helpful. For others, they are not, and knowing where to get the answers on how to stop drinking must be found. Putting down the bottle is not as difficult as it may seem. Learning how to stop drinking is not impossible and can be done in seven simple steps. Each day will be a fight, but each day will improve, and suddenly you will have your life and your health back.

How to stop drinking

The first step is to admit that you need to stop drinking. Once you have decided that you need to stop drinking then you can begin to practice the steps on how to stop drinking, and be successful. Self-belief must be practiced. Each day you must say to yourself "today is an alcohol free day". "I can stop drinking", "I will stop drinking", "I can do this", and so on. There is not a greater power than self-belief.

Next determine why you drink. Are you drinking because something is upsetting in your life? Are you drinking with colleagues after work? Are you drinking strictly at certain times, or when certain things occur? Once you determine your pattern, you can break the cycle.

List the benefits of practicing the how to stop drinking steps and the benefits of not drinking. Consider all the positive things you are doing for yourself and the ones you love.

Remind yourself daily of all the advantages of not drinking. You feel great, you are looking healthier, you are eating properly. There are so many benefits that begin to happen as you stop drinking and begin to become emotionally and physically fit, once again.

Remind yourself how negative drinking is. Each day remind yourself how harmful it is. The loss of life you have had because of it. How you don't eat properly because of the bottle and everything negative associated with it.

Distance yourself from those that you drink with. Get new companions and replace your drinking buddies. This is very important as the temptation is a difficult temptation and alcohol is an addiction.

Get new routines. Replace your time you spent drinking with something else. Whether it is reading a book, going to the gym or socializing, begin to start new routines.

Drinking is an addiction. However, millions of Americans have overcome that addiction. Knowing how to stop drinking is the first step to the road to success. You can stop drinking. Each day, read the how to stop drinking techniques, and each day practice the how to stop drinking techniques. Believe in yourself, there is no greater power. Success will happen.

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