How To Stop Being Shy And Quiet: How To Overcome Shyness Book

While social anxiety and isolation are painful for those who suffer from it, it is important to make a distinction between shyness, and simply having a quiet disposition-especially in children and teenagers. Because mislabeling someone as "shy", especially in the beginning of their lives could have very serious and troubling consequences. It tends to become s self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone who is labeled "quiet" is usually not affected, nor offended, by the label.

Being quiet, as opposed to being shy, does not create anxiety or stress. A shy person thrown into a social situation will develop an anxious, distressed, reaction; whereas a quiet person might not perceive him/herself as socially inadequate. Also, a quiet person when speaking in public will not suffer from socially anxiety. However, overcoming shyness is essential if you are after effective public speaking skills.

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If you would like to determine if you or someone close to you, is shy or simply quiet. You need to analyze the situations where you, or your loved one, experience social withdrawal and shyness. Also, note what are the alternative behaviors adopted. If, for instance, in cocktail parties or a social gatherings, you tend to always take a step back because you feel out of place-- do not assume that it is because you are painfully shy; your feelings may actually be valid. If you socialize with a group whom you do not share much in common with, and you are an introvert by nature, it may be very difficult for you to strike up a conversation or maintain casual social interaction in awkward situations.

Also, some people seem to be shy on the outside, while hey actually are more of the observer type. They always prefer to sit back, observe, and analyze what goes on around them. Many people do this in order to gain valuable social information and perspective. Look at how a spy, or a private eye, behaves for instance. They usually speak a lot less than the rest of the group-but they come out at the end with more benefit!

A quiet disposition is something that might not seem very glamorous, but it has many advantages. Quiet people are usually good listeners and not intrusively self-centered.

Finally, if you, or someone you love, is painfully shy -not just quiet. It is imperative that it does not become the main focus of your life. Even if your goal is overcoming your shyness and social anxiety, you stand to benefit from the advantages of being quiet. Use the opportunity to listen better and get to know people more; you will be surprised what you can find out about someone when you truly listen to them. Also, try to enjoy the company of others, as surely they enjoy how they can shine in your company without any interruptions from you. With these qualities, you can become many people's confidant-a role quiet people in general excel at.

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The most effective panic cure is to change the way you view your panic disorder. People who suffer panic attacks often find themselves asking questions such as; "Why me?" or "Why am I so unlucky?" When you start thinking like this you make yourself a victim...this is unacceptable. In order to find an effective panic cure you have to realize that you are creating your circumstances... and that you can change them.

When you constantly consider yourself a that has no control... you subconsciously start to believe it to be true. If you want to cure panic attacks you have to learn to control your emotions. You have to convince yourself that you are not hopeless and powerless... You have to be sure that you can beat panic attacks. If you cannot do this... you cannot cure panic.

When you start losing control no panic cures will EVER work for you. You will just slip into behaviors that are detrimental to your recovery. People tend to look for things to blame... you can blame your job, your kids, your significant other... you blame anyone but yourself. The only way to break this cycle is to take control of your anxiety and panic.

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You are on a quick road to recovery when you finally stop blaming external sources for your anxiety. The first step for a panic cure is to stop feeling like a victim. You have to realize that you are the only one who can beat your anxiety. Once you figure out how to control your thoughts and emotions you can get almost immediate panic relief.

Make yourself a list of panic cure goals and stick to them unconditionally. Do not use words like "I'll try" you have to be convinced that you can do it! If you completely convince yourself... you focus less on the possibility of failure and you focus more on your success. Never focus on things that are not positive... you have to be stubborn about this.

Convince yourself that you have found a panic cure and you are automatically in control of your anxiety. You will start to feel less helpless and more in control. Focus on your goals and the positive ways that reaching your goals will affect your life.

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Are your panic attacks caused by mental illness? No! Your panic attacks are simply caused by your minds reaction to anxiety. This is a distinction that needs to be made, and there is a huge difference between a mental illness and a reaction to anxiety.

People that have a mental illness have an actual condition which is brought on by a chemical imbalance in the brain. When you suffer from panic disorder your anxiety simply gets out of control. Once your anxiety starts to rise... panic attacks are caused by your mind and body responding in the ways you have conditioned them too. You simply fall into a predictable cycle and you have an attack.

The hard cold facts are that your panic attacks are caused by your reaction to anxiety. Throughout your life you have been learning how to deal with your anxiety... and you do this regularly. You have spent your whole life training yourself to deal with your fears and worries a certain way... that is why you have attacks.

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Many people go to their doctor and get false information about panic attacks causes. Doctors like to label things as mental disorders because they can prescribe medications to fix peoples problems. They benefit from you thinking that you have a mental illness... you have to buy medications and go to extensive treatments.

The best panic disorder cures almost never include medication. You have to learn how to modify your behavior and change the way you react to anxiety. You must learn to tackle the root causes of your disorder. When you can figure out the root cause of your anxiety you can pinpoint the place in your thought process when you make anxious decisions.

Stop your panic attacks cause by finding the right treatment for you. You have to realize when you start feeling anxiety and what is causing it. Do not just mask your symptoms with medications... you do not have a mental illness... and you do not need to treat your disorder as such. There are many other, more effective methods that you can try.

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An anxiety attack is generally experienced as a sudden episode of heightened fear, alarm, and discomfort. When these feelings are accompanied by symptoms such as shortness of breath and chest pain, this hastens the onset of a full-blown attack. In trying to find an anxiety attack remedy that works for you, the first thing to do is try to create a diversion and thereby avoid a complete attack from taking hold.

Because we are all unique in our make up - different backgrounds, coping mechanisms, strengths, and weaknesses - not every diversionary tactic will work the same for everyone. The key is to find the ones that fits your needs and provides enough relief to have safely avoided a full-scale anxiety or panic attack.

Obviously, if we could identify the cause of the attacks, preventing them would be easy - simply deal with the condition or avoid the circumstance that acts as a trigger. Unfortunately, we are not always able to figure out the cause, deal with the situation, or avoid the trigger - and so simple tricks to create a diversion and allow the attack to quiet down is our best hope once an episode starts.

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Ten Simple Tricks - to create your own personal anxiety attack remedy:

1. purposely hyperventilate

2. listen to your favorite music and sing along, or whistle

3. drink a cup of hot tea or a glass of cold water, or eat an apple

4. jog for a short distance - maybe 300 feet

5. splash cold water on your face

6. count down from 100 quickly, and repeat

7. turn on the television and watch a funny video and laugh loudly

8. slap your cheeks lightly while dancing around

9. talk on the phone with someone, but, do not talk about your anxiety

10. do not look in the mirror

Anxiety attacks can be managed and treated. After trying some of the above tips and discovering which ones work for you, write them down to use the next time you feel anxiety starting to take hold. By having these tips at your fingertips, you will be a step ahead and be able to avoid a full-blown attack.

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