Life is Full of Choices, Decisions, Challenging Moments and Guess What Mistakes!!!
I am sure you have noticed this, none of us are free from this or will escape these perils of life.
The secret comes in learning to accept this, understand: To learn to let go, release painful experiences allowing yourself to find Joy, Happiness and Peace.
When you Stop! beating  yourself up for your mistakes, feelings of despair, sorrow, anger, bitterness. You will then allow yourself to Stop! beating other people up for their mistakes.
The only way you can change your world is one step at a time and spending time learning to love the person you are.
As your level of awareness changes so does your perspective. There will always be good things and bad things happening in your life. Also within the world.
When you become aware of this, then look at the positive changes that have come about as well as the positive things that do take place.
Your perspective changes, bringing to your awareness that it is possible to bring about positive experiences in your life and in your world. 
How This Will Change your World
To Live a Life of Optimal Health, Being & Feeling Happy within Yourself: The Life you are Living - it is important to be aware that the journey of your life path is in understanding and bringing about Healing to your Inner self
I have been a Naturopathic Practitioner Massage Therapist for over 27 years. In my journey I learnt that in order to help people to heal I first had to engage in my Healing journey of life.
Every day I work towards helping people to regain their self-esteem: to value who they truly are and what they truly have within their lives.
I teach people how to understand the inner feelings to overcome painful experiences, difficult times, emotional disturbances and traumatic situations.
Uncovering these core foundations of your makeup enables me to then help people to be happy, healthy, having a sense of peace and balance with life.
It is this clear picture that then gives me a clear picture as to what herbs, homoeopathics, treatments, lifestyle changes that will support this healing process.
Understanding and facing emotional issues is vitally important in regaining the ability to be assertive in knowing what you want and how you want to be: Having a clear path of confidence and belief that you have what it takes to put into place new habits, changes to bring about the life you desire.
Having had the privilege throughout my years of practice of people sharing their fears, terrible and terrifying experiences. Has helped me with a clearer understanding of what brings about ill health and disease. By working to encourage, empower and teach ways of improving their inner strengths, acknowledging their weaknesses with the understanding that everyone has these, that with building on the strengths they have this will then improve their level of self-esteem, an understanding of their core gifts and talents bringing about true joy and happiness.
To truly be able to love others, make a positive difference to your part of the world. It is important to first heal yourself and then you will heal your life. The better that you feel about yourself the better you will feel and be toward other people.
Letting go of emotional wounds, angry or harmful thoughts - the less drama will come into your life and will allow you to feel happier and more peaceful with your life.
Learning to take great care of yourself in every way is a beautiful place to start to bring about Happiness: Health: Balance: Loving and Caring Relationships.
I Love these 12 Steps to Self Care - They are Simple to Follow yet profound:
1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it
Your unconscious mind tells you through your feelings if something is beneficial for you or not. Quite simply – if it feels wrong then Don't Do it. More often than not you may find yourself in a compromising situation. This can be with friends, strangers, sometimes even relatives and people you may hold dearest to your heart. They may be attempting emotional blackmail to get you to do things that you don't feel right or happy about. When this happens take a step back, deep breath and then go about gently but firmly declining - "Saying NO". Reminding yourself that you have the right to do this.
2. Say “exactly” what you mean
You may find it difficult at times to express exactly what you mean, for some reason you are having difficulty communicating. Just because of this don't allow yourself to become doubtful, you don't have to give an explanation. Just be clear with the fact that you don't want to partake or do something, Being as clear as what you are able.
3. Don’t be a People Pleaser
This doesn't mean that you have to be rude, insensitive, angry or lack compassion. It is important however not to please other people if it is something that is unpleasant for you, if you have to compromise your morals or values as this will make you unhappy. Damaging your self-esteem and self-confidence. You are the best and most competent person in your life to take care of you..
4. Trust your instincts
You have been given an internal roadmap, called your instincts. These are your guide to living your best life. When you go against your instincts, your gut feelings then your are refusing help from what is known as your higher self, your guiding light. It is this guiding light that will help you to build a better, more fulfilled life. By ignoring these feelings it will haunt you, causing your great distress and disharmony.
5. Never speak bad about yourself
It seems that it is easier to say something bad about yourself than it is to say something good. This isn't about being egotistical or thinking you are better than anyone else. It is about recognizing your own self worth and value. When you speak badly of yourself you are giving others permission to criticise you and put you down. You will be bringing discredit to yourself, making it difficult for people to trust you. Trust I believe is the most important asset you can build into your life.
6. Never give up on your dreams
Dreams give you direction for the future, hope to move on from the past and aspiration for who you want to be, become: Who you want in your life and how you want your life to be. If you lose site of them you will lose your roadmap for your life and your path. By having this vision of your dreams, how you want your life to be. You are giving your mind something to look forward to. This will then give you the energy, vitality and endurance to follow through with the work you have to put in to achieve these.
7. Don’t be afraid to say “No”
Saying No sometimes is necessary for peace of mind, to restore your energy or vitality. You may need to say "No" because it is something that you can't do or don't want to do. Maybe you have just been spreading yourself a bit thin. Whatever the reason if the person you are saying "No" to takes offence then it may be clear that this person isn't the right person in your life. If it something you are saying "No" to because of the timing or you are unwell or just need some time to yourself, you can always make a raincheck, another time that will work better for you and the person concerned.
8. Don’t be afraid to say “Yes”
This may seem contradictory to the "Don't be afraid to say "No". Sometimes when something new comes into your life or different or a change that needs to be made. Your first natural response will be "NO". This can be the fact you are fearful of making a mistake, looking silly or you don't feel confident that you will be able to do it, fit in or be accepted. However it is with these feelings that it can be important to say "YES". Remember your instincts, your gut go back to that and your dreams. If it is something that is going to help you move forward and doesn't compromise your values then this is the time to say "YES".
9. Be kind to yourself
It is easier at times to be kind to others but to neglect yourself and bestowing kindness on yourself. When you bestow kindness on other people this makes you feel happy, so why shouldn't bestowing kindness upon yourself make you feel happy. Be kind to yourself, by firstly being happy with who you are. Eliminate harmful habits that will destroy or deprive you of optimal health, peace, happiness and vitality. Say this little affirmation to yourself: "Being kind begins with being kind to me".
10. Let go of what you can’t control
Do you know how it feels when someone attempts to control you. This wall goes up and you become quite indignant. Self control is such an important aspect to developing a strong mind and nervous system.  Next comes the understanding that there are so many things outside of your realm that you don't have control over. Once again this is bringing your thought processes into your higher realm, your higher self. Many times there are difficult and traumatic changes that happen around you and even within your very own life, that you don't like and would rather be without. However you don't have control over this, this only control you have is your reaction. Bringing to your mind a sense of trust that things will work out, for the most part they do. Even though for somethings this make take a long time. Something that will test your patience, but as the saying goes - "Developing Patience is a True Virtue". So when it is a situation, event or person that what is happening isn't within your control allow yourself to take a step back with the belief and understanding that it will all work out for the better.
11. Stay away from drama and negativity
Distancing yourself from emotional drama and negativity is a must for a balanced mind. It is something to become aware of, implement putting distance, boundaries into place so that there becomes a degree of detachment. When you are young it can be easy to get caught up in emotional drama either believing that you may be able to help or that you don't have a choice. When you become involved with emotional drama and negativity, it then brings this into your life. Affecting you, your mental and physical health. Whatever emotional drama is going outside of your realm or your life is with those people and events. Most of the time the people involved will work through it themselves or they will also walk away.
12. LOVE
Love - Wow! such a powerful emotion. True Love allowing each person to live their life to the fullest whilst not imposing negativity or harm to others or themselves. Is the love that is going to fuel a positive life. Fear is the opposite emotion to Love: Fear when not warranted, (that is there is nothing posing as a threat to your life or wellbeing): allows negative feelings to arise disabling you from personal and life growth. When you come into a place of Love - Loving everything and everyone for who they are, a sense of acceptance as to how they treat and are with you without judgement. This is finding the balance of happiness and acceptance. This isn't about acceptance of things that are bad, evil or damaging, it is about acceptance of what you want for your life and how you want your life to be.
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Julie Doherty is acknowledged as Worldwide Leader in Naturopathic Medicine by The Leading Physicians of the world.
Julie is an exceptionally experienced Naturopathic Practitioner with vast expertise in Traditional medicine, Herbal & Homeopathic medicine: Massage & Beauty Therapy
Julie being the sole practitioner and owner of - Julie's Naturopathic Health Care Services – Established since 1990
Julie's private practice is located in Hackham, South Australia, Australia
Julie has an extensive Herbal & Homeopathic dispensary: Enabling her to prescribe & formulate at the time of consultation a medicine that is as individual for each client as are their health concerns.
Julie remains loyal & true to the very core Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine to bring back health, balance & harmony with all body systems working in unison together. Treatments, Medicines & Therapies that will "Do No Harm"
Providing support bringing about improved Lifestyle and Living habits.
Julie graduated with distinctions from S.A. College of Botanical Medicine and Natural Therapies & is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.
Julie’s Professional qualifications include Diplomas in Naturopathic, Herbal Homeopathic Medicines: Nutrition, Remedial & Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Julie credits her success to determination to want to provide significant changes to people's lives. Especially with providing a strong foundation for her family.