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If you often suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, then at some time you've probably feared you were losing your mind. It's a really common fear for anyone who regularly has severe panic and anxiety.

It can be a very damaging fear too, because the fear of losing your mind is about as bad a fear as you can have, and carrying that around with you just heaps more anxiety into your life.

Stopping this fear of insanity is an important step to take in order to overcome anxiety problems completely.

So let's take a quick look at a couple of ways for you to get rid of this fear.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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First of all, it often helps people with this fear to learn that people who actually do go insane have no idea they're insane. They weren't aware of it when it started happening, and they aren't aware of it after it's happened.

To someone who is genuinely insane their word seems a very normal place. To them, it's often the rest of the world that seems crazy.

So remind yourself of this the next time you experience anxiety and panic attacks: the fact that you fear insanity is a sure sign that you're actually very sane indeed!

The next thing you should use to reassure yourself is the fact that people do not go insane as a result of anxiety.

When you're highly anxious or filled with panic it's very easy to believe those feelings could one day lead to insanity.

But it's simply not the case.

Anxiety and panic attacks make you feel like you're losing your mind, but you never are.

Regularly remind yourself of the ideas I've covered in the last couple of minutes, and your fear of insanity will be much more likely to leave you alone in the future.

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Anxiety attacks (panic attacks) are such frightening episodes. Their symptoms -- trembling, tightness in chest / throat, tingling fingers, sweating, racing heartbeat, etc. -- are so bad that once you've had one you don't ever want to repeat the experience. And this leads to one of the key reasons why many people just can't seem to find a cure for their condition.

A person who has general anxiety and suffers panic attacks usually has much higher levels of anxiety than normal. They constantly worry and obsess about things and events in a way that is way out of proportion to the actual event or thing. Then, when they are faced with a stressful situation, that they would have normally handled without much of a problem, their anxiety level is further heightened by that event to a level that causes a panic attack.

And, as mentioned above, the symptoms of an anxiety attack are so frightening that they don't want to have to go through another attack. This has two results; this 'fear', continually builds on their already higher-than-normal anxiety levels, and, when they are faced with an everyday stressful event, their anxiety levels shoot up to such an extent that an attack is triggered.

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It is clear then that your very 'fear' of having another panic attack is the key thing that is holding your general anxiety cure back, and, triggering subsequent attacks. We can look at this as a 'vicious cycle of anxiety' which goes something like this; anxiety >> attack >> fear >> anxiety >> attack >> fear >> and so on. So your objective has to be to eliminate your fear and so break your anxiety cycle. This is the way to beat anxiety attacks naturally.

Your normal approach is through your doctor -- as it should always be -- who will probably prescribe drug-based medication, such as tranquilizers, antidepressants and / or beta-blockers. But, although these can give some good results for some sufferers, they do have some nasty side effects e.g. nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, sleep problems, etc., and even dependency issues. And, crucially, they can't eliminate you 'fear' of having another attack. You have to take control here.

So how do you beat anxiety attacks naturally? First, start by confronting your 'fear'...

The key is to face your demons, face your 'fear' head-on. At it's simplest it can mean trying to trigger an anxiety attack. Go ahead and try that right now! Try to invoke an anxiety attack. I'll bet you can't; am I right? If you try to trigger an anxiety attack it just won't happen. Why? Because you've taken control of your fear. The very act of trying to trigger an attack is you confronting your fear and diffusing it!

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Searching for anxiety panic attack relief? You are not alone. Very many sufferers wanting to get their life back are usually prescribed drugs and other non-drug therapies. But these either 'dull' the senses, or, just help you to cope. They don't address the real problem, which is your 'fear' of having an attack. If you can ditch that fear then you definitely can get anxiety panic attack relief...

People who have suffered an anxiety panic attack often go around with a fear that it is about to happen again. And they'll do anything to prevent that happening because the symptoms of an anxiety attack are just so horrible. This includes changing their everyday behaviour in order not to do anything that might cause another attack.

In doing this their levels of daily general anxiety are heightened way beyond what they would normally experience. And any stressful event or situation that they come across whilst in this condition adds to the already overly high anxiety levels and causes an attack. It's a vicious cycle, where the very 'fear' of having an anxiety attack is the trigger for one.

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The drugs that are normally prescribed for anxiety panic relief try to manage the chemicals in the brain, whilst, things such as counselling and support groups etc., are really just coping mechanisms. But they tend to miss the most important aspect; that of your 'fear' of having an anxiety attack. You have to get rid of that fear.

The starting point for achieving anxiety panic relief is to understand that an attack cannot harm you. That is a medical fact. Think about your last attack. The symptoms during it were terrifying weren't they? But then you got through them. Did you sufferer any physical damage? No. The symptoms were horrible, but that's all they were, symptoms. The only lasting effect is the fear that you now have of another one.

So here's the key to getting anxiety panic relief without drugs: try to have an attack! Go on try it now. It's not going to happen because by facing your fear and seeking an attack, you have diffused your fear of having an anxiety panic attack. The main reason why some people get cured of panic attacks and others don't is that those who are successful aren't afraid of panic attacks anymore. So they don't have them. You have to lose your fear too.

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Chronic anxiety disorder is the type of anxiety that is always active, at least on some level. There are times the anxiety is somewhat subdued but at any time, it can well up from within and cause an extraordinary level of discomfort to the sufferer. Chronic anxiety is not very different from generalized anxiety and so, the two terms are often used interchangeably.

The key to freeing one's self from any type of anxiety is learning how anxiety works its way into the sufferer's live. This learning requires a little background information. Never think of anxiety as any type of mental problem because it is not. The awful sensations anxiety brings are brought about by abnormal amounts of adrenaline flowing through the bloodstream. Though it may be a misguided thought process setting off the adrenaline flow, anxiety attacks are not craziness in any way.

Large shots of adrenaline flow will tend to make a person's thinking cloudy; sometimes to the point he or she describes the sensation as "being out of it." However, adrenaline is a normal function of the nervous system and abnormal adrenaline flowing through the veins when a person has no external stimuli bringing it on is the function of a nervous system not working at its best.

There are several things that could happen to make the nervous system start functioning in this way. A couple of possibilities that may be responsible are recreational drugs, like marijuana, or some traumatic life experience. However, knowing the underlying cause doesn't do us any good and a slightly malfunctioning nervous system alone is not what causes chronic anxiety, anyway.

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Chronic anxiety not only requires a slightly malfunctioning nervous system, it also requires the sufferer to feed the anxiety by trying to either run away from it or to try to fight it. The human system responds to fear by creating adrenaline which it shoots through the bloodstream in large quantities.

The function of this adrenaline is to strengthen our muscles and key human sensitivities. This is so when we are in a state of fear, we will be able to be faster and stronger so we can overcome the foe we are fearful of. This was helpful for our ancestors when they were fighting wild animals. Several other functions shut down when we are adrenalized. This is why we tend to think unclearly when we are in an anxious state.

Being in an anxious state is in itself scary and so, we try to run away from or fight off this scariness. Of course, as we just learned, we humans create adrenaline when we are fighting or running away from anything. Adding more adrenaline to our already adrenaline laden nervous systems, brings our anxiety to a higher plain and we experience a full blown anxiety and/or panic attack.

At some point, curing anxiety disorder requires learning how to accept whatever initial scary feelings are brought on by our badly functioning nervous system. When we do this, we introduce no new adrenaline flow and the anxiety, with nothing left to feed on will sooner or later disappear.

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