How to stay motivated all time -

" "Staying motivated is something which we have to do it daily, like our daily habits such as bath, brush, hair comb, etc otherwise we will always indulge in that boring mendacious life which is full of boredom"

Below are few points will help you to stay motivated daily:-

1)Have a look at it, read it, watch it:-
we often get motivated by reading a quote/line/sentence by a famous person or by watching a video of such person, so have a look at it whenever you get time or else you can schedule daily time for it and have a look at it.

2) Be Consistent:-
Keep consistency as the key factor in your motivation, whatever you are doing for motivation do it consistently, small gaps in between are fine. often at starting you may not get a reward, but think about the big picture you will definitely hit that jackpot through consistency

3) Be optimistic:-
Always have hope & confidence for the better outcome of the things that you are doing your life, there can be few days where you will be able to see the outcome you expect and there can be days where you will be able to see the outcome beyond your expectation.
In terms of not as per your expectation, always look at the positive side, there is something to be cheerful :)

4) Surround yourself with open-minded people-
Open-minded people are those who discover you to new ideas, people, experience, places and so on. They expose a whole new world to you and your perspective becomes wiser as a result.
They expand your comfort zone for you through the process of just being around them, which keeps you motivated whenever you are spending time with them.

5) Keep up the fun -
Whatever you are doing, no matter how hectic the task is, do it with fun, talk to yourself, reward yourself if you complete your task before time. you may listen to music as well while doing a few specific tasks.
Doing your work with fun is itself a motivation that will hook you with your goals for longer period of time or we can say forever

End thoughts-

Ther are n number of ways which will help you to stay motivated, I have mentioned common ways as per my opinion for the motivation & also has kept the list short & simple.

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