Many times we find “stuff” interfering with going after our goals and dreams. It’s hard to stay motivated, stay on track and difficult to move forward. If we allow daily distractions to interfere with our tasks at hand we are inviting in guilt, defeat and lack of purpose. Staying motivated is an art. We are going to show you how to be an artist of motivation!

There are steps to take to stay motivated. No matter what life throws at you, you’ll be able to hang in there, complete your tasks at hand and reach your goals. The exhilaration of seeing a project through to the end will give you more motivation to carry into every area of your life.

Develop the attitude of interest. Discover your passions and go after them. The happiest people, they say, are those people who do the things they love the most. It is not coincidental that they are the most motivated people as well. After all, passion and motivation go hand in hand. They are closely intertwined to create a person who is full of zest for living.

Nearly all successful people are very passionate about what they do. Why do you think Lance Armstrong, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer, went on to win 7 consecutive Tour de France trophies? It is not only because he refused to give in to life's cruel joke, but because he is also very passionate about cycling. We are not saying that it has to take some traumatic circumstances in our lives before we find the thing we are most passionate about. In most cases, this very thing is right in front of you. You just don’t see it and therefore cannot accept it.

Find the thing that can spark and sustain your enthusiasm. Then channel all your energies towards that passion. This sparks motivation, productivity and satisfaction.

But what do you do when you are stuck with things that you are not truly passionate about? When passion is lacking and your zeal is at its all time low, interest will suffice. Be interested in everything you do, no matter how boring, tedious or nonsensical it may seem. Find meaning in everything you take part in. Take the time to be curious and interested. Otherwise, your life will feel like a living hell.

Having said that, always find reasons to be happy about the things you do, the goals you are pursuing, the dreams you are trying to realize, and the life you are trying to live. Never lose sight of happiness and never let it slip away.

Maintain an elevated level of energy. The mere act of smiling at yourself can recharge your energy. Having no energy almost always ensures that you won't feel as much motivated as you need to accomplish your goals. Always take the time to recharge yourself – sleep, eat, breathe deeply and consciously, relax, and rest. Do whatever it takes to always keep your energy high.

Act as if. Translate positive emotions into actions. If you are not feeling positive about anything, try to act as if you’re positive. Sometimes, despite the lack of motivation, you can still feel motivated when you deliberately act with enthusiasm. Motivation is a choice. You’ll find a peace and confidence when you choose motivation.

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Are You Always Low on Energy? Always Lack the Motivation to Take Action?