How to Stay Happy 24/7 & Add 10-Years to Your Longevity

Did your Mom walk around the house singing out loud half the time,
and smiling the rest? See if you remember this: a French lady named
Jeanne Calment died in 1997. Her birth and death were documented.

She was the oldest person who ever lived – documented, not hot air.
How old was she? Age 122 years. My Mom lived to 92 – not bad right?

Mom had three sets of facial muscles she always exercised: Risorius (laughing
muscle), Zygomatic major (upper lip for smiling), and Orbicularis Oculi (raising eyelids) – the key smiling muscles.

Reporters asked Jeanne Calment her secret for longevity at age 121. Her answer
was drinking cheap French wine all day and a happy attitude.

My Mom claimed her secret was the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Gabriel who order her to sip fatty chicken soup daily. It worked for her.

Two Proverbs

George Orwell said, - Men can only be happy when they do not assume happiness
is the object of life.

Maxim Gorky said, - Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands,
but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.

How about this? Humans are hardwired to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. We are
built for immediate gratification and rapid feedback. Yet we adapt ourselves to folks and circumstances that offer PAIN and unhappiness. Huh?

Peak Performance

Happiness is being totally involved body and soul in your work. The happiest
folks love going to their office because it is PLAY, not work. They enjoy the
experience of being creative and imaginative, and hate to leave at the end of
the workday.

Abraham Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs) coined the expression Peak Performance.
When you get in-the-flow, (your zone) you lose track of time and making money.
You are enjoying yourself in the pleasurable activity, and produce your best work.

Living in The Present Moment

What we RESIST – persists. The more we fight the situation or person we encounter
the more we get STUCK. We are fighting with ourselves. Get this – what we refuse to feel – never goes away – it festers. The solution is living in the present moment –
not thinking about the past or the future – right?

Look at your feet – image you are a tree and your feet are roots. Now press your
feet downward as if planting them in the soil. Ground yourself into the present
moment and forget figuring out the future problems – today. In less than 60 seconds
you are living in the PRESENT and you stop mental movies of your future troubles.

What we resist (denial of fear) causes us to lose the joy of the present moment, lowers our immune system, and makes us feel stressed out. Be the grounded tree.

How to Improve Your Love With Life

Professor Steven Toepfer, Kent State University produces scientific research on
capturing happiness on November 27, 2008. Please pay attention – it can turn your life 180 degrees for the better.

Fact: ink was first used in Egypt 4,000 years ago. The royalty used it to educate their children to take over wealth. The original writing was not poetry or music,
it was receipts for merchandise people owned.

The first writers were the priests who kept accounts of what the royal family owned
in real estate, slaves and valuables. Their receipts were the same as money because
it proved their wealth.


When you thank some for a kindness or gift, you engage their Limbic System, the emotional part of our brain. It you write your gratefulness – they will remember it
20 years later. Does that go for your parents – boss – friends? Every human has a
section of their prefrontal cortex that is ego-driven for the emotion of gratitude.

The word gratitude is from Greek, meaning – pleasing. Compliment folks with a letter of gratitude for something they did, and they are yours for life.

How To Do It

If you sit down a write a heart-felt letter of gratitude – sure it make the receiver happy. Guess what? The writer of gratitude gets a feedback of joy and happiness
in her/his brain, and the feeling lasts for up to a week after the original letter.

Try one-letter every two-weeks. It must be positively expressed, no glib, glittering
generalities, get personal, and show a high level of appreciation for the action of the
recipient. It is an emotional episode of love for the receiver and the sender.

Social Network

Listen – the number one most powerful thing in our lives – is our Social Network.
Sure, Facebook is nice, but rarely do you meet in person. One or two friends, not a
million, is enough to make a difference in your life psychologically (sense of confidence and self-sufficiency) and physically.

What do I mean physically? Consider this: gratitude letter writers suffer fewer health problems, have an improved immune system, and eliminate their own emotional problems. Real statistics back this up.

Students with a few close friends get higher tests results and grades. This is based on hard scientific statistics. Want to release stress and depression at work? Express gratitude to each and every person you interact with. And smile – it will not break
your face, right?

If you choose to experiment with a happiness creator by writing letters of gratitude,
you will improve your quality of life within five-days of beginning and mailing. Keep it up for a few months and it will become a habit. The results are stunning for so little effort.

One thing – Emails do not count, you can either use an old fashion pen your computer keyboard. Emails are too filled with money offers, so send a letter.
You want to fry their brain? Send your letter of gratitude by Federal Express.

See ya,

copyright © 2010 H. Bernard Wechsler

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