If your exams are coming then it is very important for you to start studying because if you will not study in your exams then there are very high chances that you will fail or If you are in 10th or 12th class then it is very important for you to score high marks as for 10th class they are going to choose subject they want to study like Science, Art, Commerce. That’s why it is important to score high marks in 10th exams if you want to choose you’re desired subject or stream for further studies. And some go for 12th class students if a student gets fewer marks then there are very less chances that you will get any admission on reputed college. These are some major reasons why you should stay but if you are suffering a distracted mind then there are some tips that you can use to train your mind for focused studies.

As there are many students who face this challenge of distracted mind because when you sit down for studies suddenly in your mind thoughts start coming like last week's movie you saw, Funny moment, and some other work is pending. These are the normal mind thoughts that every student gets or suffers from so this is important to get rid of this kind of thought. To do that we have Top 5 tips on how to focus on study.

Top 5 Tips to Focus on Studies

1. Choose Study Environment Wisely

If you think your bedroom and classroom is the best place to study then you are wrong because in class there are a lot of things going on so it is very hard to study in that kind of environment. If you are choosing a place for studies then do remember to see if you are comfortable or not. See if you are not close to your phone television because these things can distract your mind. If you are not able to find any suitable place for study then go to the library in a nearby location because the library is a quiet and comfortable place to study.

2. Find Study Partner

If you are preparing for your exams then it is important to take advice from your good friend and if you do not like to study alone then take one of your friends with you for studying. Remember to see if your partner is good at studies because just bring over a friend to your house doesn’t help you if he does not know anything it is important to bring a friend who has good knowledge of the subject. That how you can focus more on your studies and less your mind be distracted.

3. Take Short Breaks

If you constantly study for exams then there are chances that you will get bored with a subject very easily so keep changing your subject time to time and make sure to take a small break in every after 1h because if you are not used to of studying a long time then take a 5min break. This can help you stay focused on studies for a longer time.

4. Get Motivated

If you are studying for your exams from the NCERT book then you can change the method of studying try and study from CBSE sample papers because the sample paper has many questions and many different types of questions that can motivate you for studying more and solving more questions. Do not think about your exams as a big deal thinks of it as a challenge for your studies.

5. Just sit Down and Study

If you are still confused and you are unable to study properly then there is one method that works well is just sit down and open you're any NCERT book, NCERT exemplar or sampler papers and start studying. Whenever you see free time start reading, give yourself a challenge of studying for 1h,2h,4h and to focus more shut down the computer and mobile all the thing that distracts you from studies. Start creating notes, do revision if you keep studying with this method you surely able to pass any exams without a problem and you will quickly gain the ability to do fully focused studies.


If your exams are coming then it is important for you to study more and more and these given tips can help you achieve batter focused mind for studies. So you can score the highest marks in exams.

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