We feel blissfully ignorant while using and discarding plastic throughout the day. In countries like India, the recycling bins for plastic are not even existent, which means the situation is worse in the country. You can speak your concerned mind on social media and forget about it the next minute, but the real struggle lies in not using plastic to the maximum extent possible. Considering that plastic has entered every aspect of our lives, it is difficult to eradicate it. However, before reading about how you can contribute your bit to remove or minimize plastic from your lifestyle.

Let us assume that we are not concerned with whatever goes into the ocean. Let us feign that dying of millions of sea creatures does not hurt us at all. Nevertheless, the world needs to know that every single creature on this earth has a role to play. We all are co-dependent to some extent. Whichever animals or fish from the sea manage to survive come to our plate in the form of seafood. Even if someone is a vegetarian, they might consume the medicines that contain fish oils. The water from the ocean reaches us in various forms, which does impact our health. Therefore, we cannot stay ignorant in bliss that we will continue with our non-sustainable lifestyle with least regard to anyone. Travel is a part of our regular existence and we can take just a few steps to minimize the use of plastic.

Substitute plastic

The day you start loving wood and glass, you will start hating plastic bottles. Imagine the time when plastic was not invented and the way people survived with metal cans and glass bottles. Does it seem difficult to your mind to visualize? A few things were certainly better from the good old days. When you visit any north-east state in India, you will rarely see plastic dustbins. They idyllically manage with bamboo dustbins. One has to be very strong-minded to discard plastic from his or her life. Similarly, when you are determined to substitute plastic with sustainable materials, you can surely do so. Rather than buying anything made from plastic, think for once, if you can find something similar made from wood, bamboo, or glass. These things might not last for a lifetime, but doesn’t that give you a reason to buy new things and give a new look to your house?

Don’t accept a plastic bag

Don’t we all love those jute bags we buy from expensive showrooms? They are certainly pretty and eco-friendly of course. Just buy one beautiful jute bag from anywhere you like and carry it whenever you travel. Reusable bags are the best when it comes to carrying heavy stuff. If a shopkeeper offers to give you groceries, sandwiches, or cold drink in a plastic bag, politely decline it and put the things in your handbag. It is somewhat not-so-macho for men to carry handbags in India. If you are a man with the same perspective, please reconcile your mind to carry a backpack or a vegetable shopping basket whenever you go out for shopping in your tourist destination.

Himachal Pradesh, North-East States, and Maharashtra are a few places that have begun the process of going plastic free. If you have a car, you can dump everything in the vehicle once you are back from shopping. You can rent Self-Drive Cars in Pune, Bangalore, and many other Indian metropolitans to drive around and save yourself the headache of traveling in a public transport. Whatever you do, never forget to be an eco-friendly traveler.

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The author is a travel blogger from India. “Traveling shapes knowledge” is his travel mantra and for the past year, he has been working for MyChoize where he mostly writes about traveling to Indian Cities.