Are you experiencing fear or anxiety? Would you like to start to overcome your emotional overload tonight without drugs or alcohol?

It can be achieved…the first step is choosing to take an action because we all know that without taking that first step, everything will stay the same!

To me energy is it; the key to everything… to long-term health and happiness; to the peace and joy which we all strive for!

So why not choose to start working with your own natural energy supply…

…it’s easy, it’s free and not only that - it works!

When you were born, you had this amazingly huge energy field that radiated out from your body but, over time, life impacted on you, causing your energy to become damaged and weakened by fear, anxieties, trauma or just life in general! To better manage what you were experiencing, your energy field starts contracting, naturally pulling in to help protect you and act as a buffer from the negative energy that you were personally experiencing (and radiating out from others around you).

Once your energy field becomes damaged and contracted, it causes you to feel more sensitive to what is going on around you and throws you into emotional overload and life starts impacting more and more on your physical health and emotional wellbeing. Reaction can now become the norm; anger, frustration, anxiety your middle name!

So, what can you do to stop the slide – the answer - start working daily with your own natural energy supply! I personally have, my clients have and we are testament to the fact that it works!

A simple energy technique which I have found saves lives is the following:

Energetic Sieving

Visualize a large energetic sieve a couple of metres (6 feet) across poised above your head;

Imagine it slowly sinking down, down, down through your energy field surrounding your body, down, down, down to your feet collecting and gathering up all the negative energy, the pain, the despair, the frustration and everyone else’s stuff that you have accumulated and taken aboard as your own.

Then imagine it being deposited right down deep into the centre of the earth where it can do no harm (remembering that the Earth does understand the true nature of recycling as from waste, a fertilizer is created naturally).

Then stop and feel the difference and get on with your day.

It is recommended that you carry out this Energetic Sieving Technique a couple of times each day (morning and night is great) and when you feel overwhelmed.

Before you start working with the process, do journal first how you feel both physically and mentally on a scale of 1-10; how was the head-chatter; how were you sleeping; how reactive were you, etc. so that you can look back in a couple of weeks to compare the results.

And, when you see that it is making a difference, don’t walk away; choose to incorporate it into your everyday life as a starting point to regaining your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Evans of Heavenly Vibrations ( has been practicing as a healer, intuitive coach and mentor for twenty plus years and carries out healing session all around the world.

Realizing that we need more at this time of massive change in the world, Suzanne provides a holistic approach to her work. She explores all aspects of her clients' lives including their relationships, home and work environments.

She is passionate about teaching her clients so that they grow in confidence, clarity and enthusiasm, able to embrace and enjoy life more fully and freely.

She is also the creator of a unique range of self-help tools, Heavenly Vibrations Elixirs of Light for both clinic and at-home usage. These formulas are self-cleansing, never needing to be recharged and can be used by anyone, everyone, any time, over and over again.

She believes that understanding our energetic nature and learning to work with it provides a key to our long-term health and well-being.