We all have decided at one point in time during our careers, what it would be like to have a business of our own.. An organization that profits pay the bills and create an embrace for entrepreneurship and freedom. Working day today for our boss’s it floats in our mind, What can I do that can make money on the side of my regular job whilst producing quality results, that can earn the freedom of running your own business one day.

The Answer

The answer lies in the import and export trade. For generations, the bread and butter of most merchants and still to the modern economy is international trade. With logistics streamlined with the help of the internet, it can be easier now to start a trading business, where you obtain goods from overseas and import it to sell domestically. The benefit of this is that you can buy quality products sold to you at very conservative prices. Making it a prosperous venture for any entrepreneur.

The Idea

The Idea lies first in finding out what products you want to sell. Perhaps there is an interest or hobby that you have had years of enjoying and experiencing. Let’s say you have spent many weekends, traveling out of town and camping. You have developed a skillset where you need products that you felt was the best for camping and adventure. The knowledge you have obtained from this activity can help you to get into this niche and find suppliers abroad that can supply quality products that you feel would sell and whilst providing quality due to your experience.

I know what I want, now where do I go to find the supplier?

Where do you go to find the supplier? This is the question most will ask but a quick google search can lead you to a well-known platform that has trusted sellers of products and a safe way to transfer money internationally. There are such platforms such as Alibaba that can help you search for various suppliers' products, order samples and organize your first shipment. Once you have decided on the supplier/quantity of the products you will need to understand the logistics!

Logistics – Getting it from overseas to your home in Australia

Logistics can be a nightmare for a first-time importer. When deciding what to do it is always best to speak to freight brokers then generally have a niche to cater to small business owners or start-ups. This integral relationship is a set to help your business grow. How so you ask?

There are a lot of factors to consider when importing into Australia. Customs laws, what method of shipping you will use, volumes. When you have a partner that understands your products, the laws of each country and its requirements it becomes a successful relationship. Freight forwarders or brokers can reduce your costs of trial and error during the shipments and can help advise on the best avenue for a cost-effective landed price.
The relationship you have with your freight broker is necessary to ensure the stock arrives on time, is cost-effective but more importantly you form a union together to venture out and ensure your business grows. This can still be done whilst you are working your full-time job!

What happens once it arrives?

You have organized your goods with the supplier. You have spoken to a freight broker that has made the steps of importing for you in an easy manner. Questions answered and the cargo has arrived. It has cleared customs with the help of your freight forwarder and your ready to sell on the domestic market.

Taking accounts of the cost of the goods, freight and government tax’s you will arrive at a landed cost for the goods. Divide the total amount of this into each item you have imported, and you have your landed cost. You can then put a margin on top and get into the world of selling!

Where can I sell?

It’s becoming ever easier to sell. We have the internet. You can sell online, creating a website with a cart / promoting you products on sites like Ebay / Forums/ Gumtree/ Facebook Market. You can even start small by selling at the local markets or finding days that give you a stall to sell without risking having to lease a commercial building that may end up costing you more without making the revenue to pay for it, when you start. These are just ideas but have a brainstorm and you will find that there is a lot of ideas to get your new business products into the minds of wanting customers.


As the business grows, you slowly have a niche that with quality customer service, your customers will love and stay loyal to.

In time, it becomes an investment and a learning curve that can earn you the freedom of becoming your own boss, working in your time whilst learning a lot more about yourself, your strengths and the improvement you need to make to nurture your hard work into a prosperous giant with welcoming profits. Seek freedom today and take a leap of faith!

Good luck

Author's Bio: 

Aiden is a small business owner who also the author of this wonderful article. He is the founder of the Freelance Shipping website. Freelance Shipping is a global logistics forwarder providing the right customer service for all your shipping and cargo needs.