Many people prefer to use public transportation due to the rise in gas prices. Due to this the utilization of taxi service has increased. Starting a taxi business can be expensive but it can be profitable in the long run. A taxi service can be started with few cars but can be expanded when you start gaining profit. Before starting a business you need a proper plan otherwise it can cause you a great problem.

Before starting any business, market research is very important. First figure out whether there's a requirement for a taxi company in your area or not. Look for the other local taxi companies. Research about their services and rates. Try to provide different services than your competitors.

Make a budget before starting a taxi business because it requires a large investment. If you don’t have the necessary amount that is required to start this business, then apply for loan to raise the capital. Register you taxi company with your city in order to get the business license. If you are thinking to drive a taxi yourself then driving license will also be needed.

Don’t forget that there are many risks associated with a taxi business. Such as accidents, customer’s injury, etc. Find an insurance agent who can help you cover all the possible loss. You’ll need to purchase vehicles that are outfitted as taxi cabs and get them registered.

Now here comes another important part, hiring of staff. For running a taxi business you will need a number of staff (depending upon size of your business). You can also hire staff full time or part time. Also decide what type of uniform you want your employees to wear. Hire those drivers who already have a experience of driving taxis and have a proper driving license.

Choose a location for your company. Location is also a very important factor because you need an office to get it touch with customers and to park your vehicles. Be gentle to your customers specially with senior citizens because they take time in getting in and out of the car. Mostly senior citizens use walkers, wheelchair, so make sure that their wheelchairs and walkers fit into the car.

Pick up a name for your company that is easy to say and easy to remember. Make sure it’s a name you’ll be able to say without feeling embarrassed. And make sure that others also feel comfortable while telling their friends about it.

Make a website or face book page to provide all the necessary details about your service. Promote your business through online advertisement, message boards, T.V commercials, road banners, etc. Take advantage of every possible opportunity. Think about how you will launch your business. Dont forget to reward your customers with special offers on the very first day to attract them.

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