If you want to share your good thoughts with others in a proper way, then blogging is the No.1 option.

Mainly to share how you complete your daily tasks, to share how you live your life, then Lifestyle Blog best fits for you.

You are wondering that “I don’t know anything about blogging or lifestyle blogging and how to start a lifestyle blog?“

Not a problem,

I will show you everything step-by-step from picking your niche (blog topic) to how you can earn 1000$ per month from your blog.

So stick to the end of this article where I shared how you can earn 1.5x more ad revenue compare to google AdSense ads.

Step 1: Pick a niche or Blog Topic
Step 2: Pick Domain & WebHosting
Domain Name:
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Step 3: Install WordPress, Theme and Additional Plugins
WordPress Installation:
GeneratePress – Perfect LightWeight Theme:
WordPress Plugins:
Elementor Page Builder – The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder:
Grammarly Extension:
Step 4: Write & Publish your First Blog Post
How AffloSpark professional writers write your article?
Step 5: Earn 1.5x More ad revenue (Media.net)
Pro Tip #1: Boost Blog Income
Pro Tip #2: Get More Visitors

First of all, let’s know about lifestyle blogging.

Review of a successful lifestyle blogger:

KatieLifestyle Blogger
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There are so many great reasons to start a blog today! Let’s talk about the obvious one first – money. Yes, you can earn money blogging. I just had my first $100k year, and things are only getting better! The best part is that because I make a living from my blog, I am able to stay home with my babies and work from here!

Don’t let anyone try and tell you blogging is an easy, get rich quick thing. It takes a LOT of work, but I still believe it is one of the BEST businesses a stay-at-home-mom, student (or anyone!) can start because of the LOW startup cost and unlimited potential.

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