If you reached a certain age but you still have a feeling of non-achievement in what concerns your professional career, then you should not wait any longer. Remember that nobody knows your needs better than you so do not allow other people to influence your decision. Once you regain control over your life by setting your priorities straight, you should not hesitate when it comes to making a significant and audacious change from a professional point of view. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, regardless of the age. Moreover, people over 30 do not realize just how many opportunities lie ahead because they give more importance to aspects that are not even relevant for their personal interests and accomplishments, such as ensuring the well-being and financial status of their children by covering college expenses or even taking care of an elderly relative. However, people in their 30’s or 40’s should seize all the advantages that life offers, besides the work experience accumulated over the years, the possibility to secure credit and the realistic mindset, which is vital for success and ultimately, happiness.


Assess your value and embrace the new

If you worked in a certain field for years, you probably believe that you do not have the necessary training and competence to step outside your comfort zone. Well, this is not entirely true. On the other hand, you cannot choose a job that completely exceeds your abilities. For this reason, the smartest thing you could do is to establish your value and even overestimate yourself a bit because it will give you the confidence boost that you need. We all know that changes are sometimes difficult to assimilate but it does not mean that you will not benefit from your decision to switch careers and direct your attention towards something that enables you to keep watching over your children. You have to be aware that changing the course of your professional path will bring new challenges, new people, new problems and new solutions. Although at the beginning it might seem terrifying, if you concentrate all your determination and ambition into the chosen direction, you will be able to complete your objective successfully and embrace the new.

Why choose real estate?

Real estate represents an ideal choice for multiple reasons. You have the opportunity to create your own schedule and gain commission while paving your way to success. If your children need you at home, you can take time off without any consequences on your professionalism. Just make sure that you maintain a reasonable income. Despite your belief, entering the real estate business is not that difficult meaning that you have big chances to pass the required tests. As long as you are willing to acquire knowledge in the field and ultimately master the technical language, you will complete the mission slowly but surely. Soon, concepts like real estate 1031 exchange will no longer sound like a foreign language. Moreover, if you were born a good seller then you have a clear advantage. As a mother, the possibility of taking care of your children while working is probably decisive and real estate allows you just that. Learning different selling techniques and completing the licensing process without abandoning your mother duties and responsibilities is more than possible. The real estate market is more flexible in comparison to other workplaces so whether you work for a company or for yourself, setting a convenient schedule will not become a problem. Lastly, you have a feeling of achievement every time you manage to help a customer receive a great price in exchange for his property.

Working in real estate: what to expect

Working as a real estate agent means that you will have to deal with client appointments, contract deadlines and meetings with professionals in the field, which undoubtedly challenges your organization skills. You have to be aware that you will probably not gain impressive amounts of money during your first year and in order to evolve in this regard, you have to be goal-oriented, dedicated, ambitious and persevering. Do not attempt to start a career in real estate if you intend to quit after just a few months because you are disappointed in terms of income. Furthermore, make sure that you have a significant amount of money set aside that you can use as a cushion while building your career. You should expect many interactions with different people, whether customers or fellow colleagues meaning that you have to be open for conversation but there is no need to worry because the difficulty of this task will not elevate to the level set by your children. Kids are the most demanding and energy-consuming human beings and you probably agree but you take pride in taking care of them and raising them properly so you do not mind dedicated your full time for their benefit.

Steps to becoming a real estate agent

Choosing a real estate career will not put a hole in your pocket, in comparison to other businesses. The main things you need are a real estate license, Multiple Listing Service access, a computer and a smart phone, business cards and signage, a car and suitable clothing. In terms of real estate license, each state has different requirements so you have to pay close attention to this aspect, although in the majority of cases attending training classes and taking an exam is necessary. You will receive the much-desired license but you should continue your education in the field. Multiple Listing Services represents an online program that will help you to discover properties for your clients and list them for those interested to buy. You may have to pay a fee every month in order to enjoy the perquisites of this tool. Having a computer at home and a smart phone on the road will enable you to set appointments, receive updates and communicate with clients. The business card represents a staple for your position in the real estate market and the right clothing will give you a more professional look.   

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