An app like Zomato, Zomato is an online food delivery company, where a customer can order food from a listed partner restaurant and then receive it in your doorsteps. Zomato provides food menus, customer ratings, and reviews about the partner restaurant, and food delivery to the corresponding customer. Zomato is also entering the online grocery delivery business. Zomato is available in all the major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata. Right now, Zomato is available in more than 50+ cities around the world.

Zomato clone is a script/software targeted to provide all the features and services provided by Zomato to an entrepreneur or startup company looking to start an online food ordering business like Zomato. In short, it is a software which helps entrepreneurs to start a business. 

Generally, an app like the Zomato clone script consists of three major players like Admin, Customer, and Partner restaurant. And also a minor stakeholder delivery boy. An online food ordering script works on both the mobile and website platform. A customer can order them from their favorite restaurant available on the platform.
After the successful ordering of food, a notification message reaches the nearest delivery boy and the corresponding partner restaurant. Both the delivery boy and partner restaurant have the option to approve or disapprove the order request. If the restaurant and delivery boy accept the order, the delivery boy visits the restaurant, picks up the food, and gives it to the corresponding customer.

A standard Zomato clone has the following options available in the script. Some of the options are listed below,
Register/Login options help the customer, partner restaurant, and delivery boy to signup with the Zomato clone product. On the registration process, every user has to submit the required documents to the admin.

Every online food ordering script/software must have an advanced filter option. It helps the customer to search for a specific partner restaurant based on city, ratings, reviews, offer, etc. This option is also available in both partner restaurants and admin.

It is one of the important options for an online food delivery script. All the transactions will take place only by using the payment gateway enabled. In our Zomato Clone, we have PayPal and Stripe and also we can add one according to client expectations.

This option tracks the live location of the corresponding delivery boy and displays it to the user using Google maps. It helps the customer to identify the location of the delivery boy.

It is one option that every online food ordering script must-have. It allows the customer to provide ratings and reviews for both the delivery boy and the partner restaurant.
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