If you don't have a blog yet, you really should read your news! Blogging is the new era of how to start a blog and make money the fast way.

So what's a blog? Well according to Wikipedia, a blog is a website where entries are arranged in a chronological.

This means, search engines will love you more because of your fresh content. So more Search traffic = more $$$!!

Convinced? Now let's start making money!

1. First things first. What are you blogging about?

There are so many things to blog about. Like for example tech. Though tech is very wide maybe drill it down a little, Like Motorola Cell Phones.

2. BUY a domain

I said buy! As much as possible don't use free domains, it makes your blog look a little, you know. "Cheap" You don't want people to say that to you, eh?!

3. Try Wordpress

Yes, it's perfect.

4. Find a reliable web host

You don't want to irritate your readers by giving them a "page cannot find" page? So you might as well look for a VERY reliable web host. Try looking for suggestions to successful bloggers first.

5. Publish, Publish, And Publish!

Ok, it's now time to bomb your blog with real, ORIGINAL content! Be sure it's unique and fresh. Also, keep in mind to always check your facts so your readers will trust in you. This is the hard part honestly, but you'll get used to it after months!

6. Market!

After bombing your blog with unique content, it's to let the world know about your blog. How? Well, there's so many ways actually, like guest posting, link exchange, link baiting, etc. (More info in my blog)

7. It's making money time!

It's time to harvest all the things that you have done! Time to milk those cows! Anyway... the most popular blog monetization is Google AdSense, which is a pays you if someone clicks on your ads.

8. KEEP blogging

You might be earning few bucks now, BUT you don't know what Google and your readers will do to your blog if they doesn't see any new content anymore.

9. When your blog dies, read mine

Yep, I can help you!

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