Workplace grievances are a tricky and unfortunate matter to be involved in. Whether you are being bullied or shunned by several people, or whether you have an ongoing issue with one individual, it’s important to know that you are not alone.

1 in 5 people claims that they have experienced some form of grievance or harassment in the workplace that needed to be dealt with. Falling victim to somebody can make you lose productivity and can even lead to serious health conditions and anxiety, so in order for a more peaceful and stress-free work life, it’s important to know how to stand up for yourself.

Keep Calm and Collected

Whoever the person may be, whether it’s your colleague, or whether it’s your employer who is giving you a hard time, there is always a way to handle the situation. If a person is shouting at you, the worst thing that you could do is to begin shouting back, and any retaliation will simply fuel the dispute and will inevitably worsen the situation.

Keeping calm and collected will soon become a deterrent, as people who are looking to take their anger out on you or belittle you in the workplace, are the people who are the most insecure, and the ones who feel threatened by your presence. Some people do not handle power well, and these are the kinds of people to watch.

Document Your Grievances

If you feel that you are being victimised in the workplace, then it’s important to document your workplace grievances. This way, when it comes to a time when you address your feelings, either to the person or to an HR representative, all of the instances, things that were said and things that were done to you will be there to see.

This can help either the person to realise the consequences of their actions or will help the HR representative or your employer to see what has been happening and to take all of the necessary precautions to make this right. Be sure to document everything, as this is your evidence and the foundation of the case you can make against somebody.

Seek a Professional:

Consulting with a professional, whether this is seeking out the company's HR representatives, or if you feel that you cannot go to your employers, then maybe do some research into the best dispute resolution lawyers. Having somebody who can help you, even if you just want to talk through your issues, can be a positive step in the right direction and can help you to see the situation more clearly.

Having a professional opinion behind you will prevent you from acting irrationally and will also give you a better understanding of your rights and your power within the situation.

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Zack Halliwell is a freelance writer in the business niche, giving advice to entrepreneurs on how to grow their business - from money-saving tips to securing the right dispute resolution lawyers for you.