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Ready to take the road?

Planned an exciting new journey, but the economy is squeezing your budget?

Look, you've spent hours online hostel mapping of $ 15 on your holiday itinerary. Do not expect to sleep in their cribs in the presence of foreign Lumpy, but at least the price is right.

Try sleeping 7 nights in a luxury condominium of 4 or 5 Star for $ 100 - total! Yes, this is equivalent to about $15 per night. Too good to be true - but it is.
There is a dirty little secret of the timeshare industry, but nobody talks about that to you but want to know before your next outing.

In a typical scenario of timeshare, there are weeks that are unregistered each year and are reserved. This means that as the owner, will lose money.

The owners are willing to offer substantial discounts simply fill in the empty weeks. Give as good as the 90% discount.

This means you can get a luxury apartment at $ 100 per week instead of $15 000 cost of a typical timeshare.

In addition, these offers are available in all popular destinations in the world. More than two million weeks each year.

Now that you know, why settle for that lumpy beds and showers?

Do a search online, you can save big and vacation in luxury at a hostel budget.

TIP: Search results for "Hot Weeks", "Discounted condos" and other terms and conditions.

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